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Hi there, I’m Brianna!

I’ve been closely involved with the Alberta healthcare system for the past eight years. I began my journey as a housekeeper at the Red Deer Hospital, progressed through various administrative positions, and eventually realized my desire for further growth; this led me to pursue a nursing degree at Red Deer Polytechnic, resulting in my graduation as a Licensed Practical Nurse in 2022.

I came to a realization quite early in my nursing program that I was drawn to a holistic approach to working with individuals. Moreover, I aspired to shift people’s perspectives from merely managing symptoms to embracing preventative health practices. Because of this viewpoint, I am beyond thrilled to be given the chance to join Brianne and her team at The Holistic RN & Company. Here, I am empowered to shape my career not only towards preventive health but also holistic well-being.

My nursing background involves working with individuals with substance abuse and complex mental health concerns. This means dealing with various problems that come with these struggles, such as losing one’s sense of self, severed relationships, and difficulties finding and using the resources needed to lead a healthy, independent life. Being in this field has given me time with clients to truly hear their stories, thoughts, and disparities, fueling my drive to bridge the gap between Western medicine and holistic care.

My journey before my involvement in healthcare led me through many different roles, and this multifaceted experience has given me a wealth of perspectives that have profoundly contributed to shaping the person I’ve become. As I continue my personal growth journey, my goal is to serve as a source of inspiration and leadership, encouraging others to evolve and develop alongside me.

A little about me…

I am originally from New Brunswick but moved to Red Deer, Alberta, in 2007. I only moved because I craved change and haven’t looked back with any regrets. My single mother raised me alongside my three brothers and one sister, and it is all thanks to her that I inherited an innate ability to persevere in life no matter the obstacle. I am also fortunate to have three siblings living in Red Deer.

I live with my boyfriend of 16 years and our two dogs. I grew up on a small hobby farm, and when I moved to Red Deer, I missed having animals around me, so always having a dog is a must. Our one dog is a medium mixed breed, and the other is a shih tzu, both of whom are well-loved and bring immense joy to our family.

Although I miss the salt water and ocean of my hometown, I truly appreciate Alberta’s stunning mountains. I’ve had the opportunity to conquer many mountain hikes with friends, allowing me to experience the beauty and magnificence of these peaks up close. I have many hobbies, with my current favourite being furniture refurbishment. I generally find joy in hobbies that let my creativity roam freely.

Over the past few years, I’ve delved into self-discovery. I’ve transitioned from an all-or-nothing mindset to finding the middle ground, an ongoing journey. Going to college as an adult reshaped my outlook and fueled my commitment to genuine personal growth. Starting my journey with The Holistic RN & Company marks the path to authenticity in my career, which I have only dreamt about until now. I feel like I am right where I need to be.




about me



about me

  • I’m into making my own wine, mainly because I enjoy the social time it creates. I don’t know much about wine, but it’s always a fun group activity that results in many lasting happy memories.

  • I enjoy playing video games; this is both a personal pleasure and one of the ways I stay connected and social with my two brothers, whom I frequently play with.

  • I possess a wide range of abilities, but I say this with humility rather than boasting, another trait I inherited from my mother. I have many homemaking skills, such as cooking, baking, sewing, and crafting intricate cakes and chocolates. Beyond that, I’m capable of tasks like installing flooring, plumbing, drywalling and painting, assisting with farm animal processing and other farm duties, gardening, and more. While I wouldn’t label myself an expert in any of these areas, I give my best effort in everything I do.

  • I enjoy reading fantasy and fiction while appreciating insightful self-help books and podcasts. Additionally, I like deep-diving in health-related research and am obsessed with the body’s capabilities.

Currently I am enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and have opened my practice as a student coach on The Holistic RN & Co.’s team.

I seek to support women in all aspects of their lives to become independent while embracing their most confident and authentic selves.

Ultimately, I am grateful to play a role in closing the gap between Western medicine and holistic care. This opportunity to blend both methods for a more complete and realistic health approach is truly exciting.

I am eager to support my clients in every possible manner, fostering their development and shared learning experiences.

I look forward to working with you!

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