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Hi there, I’m Brianne!

I have been a Licensed Practical Nurse since 2010, practicing in many areas including primary care, mental health, rural acute care, long term care and medical/surgical.

Having the opportunity to practice in such diverse nursing roles has provided me with expansive understanding and perspective of many different life stages and circumstances.

Primary care nursing has especially broadened my knowledge and confidence in caring for people of all ages and stages in an individualistic manner. I have come to understand that each of us is so intrinsically unique and therefore so should our wellness plans be. This has lent a hand in fostering my passion for holistic nursing.

I have always dreamed of the opportunity to facilitate and empower clients to have control over their health and well-being using the modalities of their choosing.

A little about me…

I was born in Manitoba, and grew up in both the East Kootenays of BC, and Saskatoon Saskatchewan. I was raised by my amazing Mom who taught me the value of independence and hard work, and my step Dad who came into my life at just the right time, as I entered the vulnerable teen years.

After my first year of university, I could not resist the calling from the mountains and made my way back out to the Rockies of BC. While living there, I became a mother at a young age and was employed in a variety of professions including tourism and forestry.

I was blessed with the gift of caregiving for my aging Grandparents, which is what eventually inspired me to become a nurse. I went back to school as a single mom and Learned more about myself during that time than I ever thought possible.

I now live in Central Alberta with my Husband of 10 years who works in offshore oil and gas, 8 year old Daughter and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Lewis. Luckily when my eldest daughter was ready to leave home, she stuck close by and is now a successful dog trainer and canine sporting instructor.

Community engagement is very important to me and you will often find me involved in many community activities as a well as volunteering on a regular basis with my daughter’s school and parent counsel.




about me



about me

  • I was in a German exchange program in high school and spent half of a year abroad. I used to speak fluent German but have now lost most of it.

  • My daughters are 16 years apart (no, that’s not a type-o).

  • I enjoy playing sports, and have a love for weight training.

  • Dogs are truly man’s best friend. I do not remember a time in my life in which I didn’t have a canine companion. I have fallen in love with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and have recently welcomed Lewis, my 3rd Cavi, to our family. We have started training to compete in several dog sports including Frisbee, dock diving and barn hunt. My 8 year old daughter is learning agility with Lewis and hopes to be a junior handler.
  • I love being out on the water on my SUP, fishing, camping and hiking in the mountains (always with my dog alongside).

  • After the birth of my second daughter, a close friend and I started a children’s clothing company making “grow with me” clothing. Unfortunately when she moved away we had to close the business. I still love to create outfits when I have the time.

  • I love to shop at thrift stores and garage sales

  • I am a podcast Junkie: health, science, politics, spirituality, parenting and murder/mystery are my favorites. Sometimes I need to remind myself to listen to music once in a while.

Currently, I am studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in the Health Coaching Program. I also hold a Health Coaching certificate through Nutraphoria school of Holistic Nutrition and am working towards my certification as an advanced Nutritionist.

I believe that we are all truly unique in our genetic make-up, life experiences and health journey. Therefore, our approach to wellness should also be individually tailored to each client, utilizing variety of modalities in order to reach your goals.

Unfortunately, our current health care system is not set up in a way to allow for the time needed to really dig deep into the root cause of many of our health concerns. This is where we stand apart from traditional nursing. There will never be a limit on the number of concerns you can have, and the time spent exploring, this all depends on you.

I will provide a safe space, free from judgement, where you can feel comfortable navigating this journey in discovering your authentic self.

I am so grateful for the amazing team of nurses at The Holistic RN & Co. The mindset, knowledge and diverse backgrounds of my teammates have allowed for the creation of an amazing collaborative powerhouse.

I am looking forward to getting to know you on a deep level to help guide you in rediscovering your best self!

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