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Hi there, I’m Brianne!

So glad you stumbled onto our page. I’m the founder, registered nurse, holistic health coach, blogger and recipe creator behind The Holistic RN & Co.

I have an overwhelming passion for all things health and wellness- so when I’m not behind my computer screen or in the kitchen working on The Holistic RN & Co., you’ll mostly find me taking care of myself!

Whether that’s engaging in a heart-pumping workout, meditating, eating nourishing foods, or even just practicing mindfulness- health is a part of everything I do.

And while my own way of eating (and some of the recipes on this blog) are naturally gluten-free and plant-based, rest assured that I am not biased in my approach to nutrition (or health).

I strongly believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to wellness- which means there is no right or wrong way to do things.

Therefore, on this site you’ll find a variety of different approaches for improving your health, helping you create a life you LOVE that actually works for YOU.

Authentically me…

In total honesty, I’m a full on empath.

In the past 8+ years, I’ve worked through some pretty major things- both internally and externally. I’ve overcome my childhood trauma, battled significant health problems, eliminated my anxiety and depression, and even distanced myself from some pretty toxic relationships.

But, getting to where I am now in my wellness journey hasn’t been easy.

Rather, it’s been messy and uncertain and chaotic- and it certainly didn’t happen overnight. I’ve had my fair share of trial-and-errors, and at times, I definitely took more steps backwards than I did forwards. But it’s because of all this why I now have the experience that I do, and even more so, it’s exactly the reason why I believe you’ve stumbled onto my page today-

I have the ability, experience and know-how to change everything for you.

You see, my empathy is the core of who I am, and I believe it is my soul purpose to do everything I can to help you release your traumas, fast-track your healing and step out of whatever shadow is holding you back.  Whether that comes from a toxic relationship, a career you hate, a poor relationship with food, or even an empty self-love tank, I truly believe that healing isn’t just possible for you- it’s necessary.

So it is my promise that I will always show up as my authentic self, the empath that I am, and use my past experience and expert tool-kit to help you lessen the burden of whatever challenge you are facing in your own life-

because you DESERVE to feel your absolute happiest every dam day!

Brianne xx



about me



about me

  • I am a tea addict! Growing up my grandparents were big tea drinkers, and I’ve definitely taken on that trait. My favourites are green tea & peppermint, but I’ll drink anything!
  • I’m happily married to my best friend, Charles – and together we own a healthy food truck in Edmonton called Guilt Free Eats!
  • I competed in the Miss Universe Canada pageant twice. This played a large role in me stumbling onto the path of ‘holistic health’ and what inspired me to enroll in my first health coach certification program.
  • I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2013 after struggling with numerous symptoms for years, which inspired me to pay more attention to my health and go through a major weight-loss journey where I lost 50 pounds!
  • My husband and I are professional swing-two-steppers! We’ve been in a few videos for bands and used to teach- but we mostly just do it for fun.
  •  In 2021 we sold our house and everything we own to begin living a minimalist life travelling abroad. We spent our first winter in 2021/2022 in Nicaragua, our next one in Asia, and are now planning to leave Canada again in 2023 to travel the world for the next 3-5 years (coming home in between).
  • My husband and I previously put on an annual fundraiser called Unmasking the Myths which was a masquerade gala in support of Little Warriors (a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse). We raised $250,000 over the course of six years!
  • My love of cooking and baking comes from my grandma. In my eyes, she is the world’s best cook. But, like her, I have a tendency to never measure ingredients when I cook… which can be a real challenge when developing recipes!
  • I have an extensive history of trauma (as most of us do), to which I am proud to say that I now have healed completely. My journey through this was a long, hard and painful one- and it has made me incredibly passionate about helping others heal theirs too.

I am excited to welcome you here to this space, and feel incredibly honoured to serve as part of your wellness team!

Ultimately, our mission and goal with this platform (and the services that we offer) is to shift your perspective on health, so that you can advocate for yourself and see true, sustainable results.

The power you hold in your hands is greater than you can even imagine- and I can’t wait to help you realize that!

Ready to feel your absolute best?

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