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My name is Holly.

I am an RN and I have been practicing for 16 years in various areas including the last 8 years in nursing education.

In last several years I have become more interested in holistic health, thus the reason I decided to join the Holistic RN & Co.

My background is primarily in post surgery care, oncology and more recently in early pregnancy loss. My hospital nursing career was spent at the RAH and Cross Cancer Institute.

However my last 8 years have been spent at MacEwan University where I work with students in various areas, including lab instruction and senior clinical experiences.

I enjoy coaching students in their learning experiences, not just for their learning as nurses but also for their development as healthy human beings.

I have always loved science, health and helping people one on one. I pursued a career as a nurse right out of high school but continued my education when I realized I wanted to have a bigger impact than working as an RN in a hospital.

I completed my Masters of Nursing in 2016 and love that I can help develop future nurses. I have always been interested in exercising and moving my body and continue to learn and develop my own nutrition, sleep and stress management habits.

Early in my career I began to wonder why our healthcare system was so reactive and often wondered if there was a better way. In the last 5 years I have learned that there is a better way, a proactive, preventative, holistic health focus that can truly help people heal themselves.

A little about myself

I am originally from a small town in Nova Scotia and grew up wanting to see new places. Immediately after graduating from nursing I moved to Alberta and settled in Stony Plain, which although still a small town, became my home.

I now live here with my husband, 2 stepkids, 4 dogs and 1 cat. So, I guess you could say outside of holistic health, my other passion is animals. In my free time I love to walk (mostly with dogs), go to the gym, read (self development books, romance novels, nursing textbooks, basically anything) and pet my dogs or just observe them as they get up to their normal antics.

I am passionate about learning, sharing my experience and knowledge and supporting everyone to live their healthiest and best life possible.

Holly xx



about me



about me

  • As mentioned I have 4 dogs, the smallest one is my Pit Bull, who is scared of pretty much anything, especially house flies but will brave anything if snuggling is involved. I also have an almost 13 year old Chocolate Lab who has quite bad arthritis which she gets monthly acupuncture for and who also still thinks she’s a puppy. Next is my Kangal who at 150lbs loves to snuggle and sit on my lap. Lastly is my Golden Retriever who is the calmest gentlest dog I have ever met.
  • I haven’t always been the best at healthy eating. I used to hate vegetables, but now I have learned to truly love vegetables and try to have as many different colours on my plate as possible.
  • I am happily married to my husband who I actually met on an online dating site. We got married in 2020 and did not live together prior to that. He had to adjust to having several large dogs around all the time. I had to adjust to having 2 almost teenage boys around. I still think I might have had the easier adjustment.
  • I have one older brother who is 11 years older than me and who has been such a great friend and role model to me.
  • Although I am from Nova Scotia and love the ocean, I also love the mountains. Traveling to and hiking in the mountains is something I love to do almost as much as I love exploring beaches and trails near the ocean.

At this time I am currently studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified Health Coach. I truly think the future of health care should be more focused on prevention and holistic health. As I learn more, I realize holistic health can offer so much for our health, wellness and happiness.

Western medicine is so focused on sick care, treating symptoms, prescribing medications but missing how we can discover and improve the root cause of illness and even prevent it from occurring in the first place.

When I first started working with Brianne as my personal health coach, I knew right away I was not just taking a huge step in my own health but also in my future career. I am so excited to work with and learn from Brianne as I start my journey as a health coach. I look forward to helping many people learn how to be well and happy as I also look forward to learning from them.

I am on my own health and wellness journey as I believe we are all on a continuous journey of health and wellness as our bodies, circumstances and interests change. I believe everyone is an expert of their own experience. However, I also believe that we all need support, advice, someone to listen or even just a cheerleader on our journey. I look forward to working with you on your health and wellness journey to help you become the best version of yourself.

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