About Janelle


Hi there, I’m Janelle!

I am a registered nurse who has worked rurally for 15+ years.

I started my career in-community public health nursing where I developed a niche for health prevention and promotion predominantly with moms and babies. 

In the last several years I have branched into homecare and seniors’ health where I was able to see something new every day, therefore developing a collaborating and problem-solving approach.

I briefly worked in hemodialysis in the local satellite clinic in my community. Over these past few years, I have developed a deep passion for comprehensive person-centered care, which has led me to this new role.

A little about me…

I was born and raised in Drayton Valley, Alberta which is where I also chose to settle with my husband, three amazing kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats (accidentally). We have spent the last 5 years fixing up our “dream acreage” complete with a rink in the winter, garden in the summer and walking trails.

We are so grateful to be near to friends, family, and our support network. I like to do anything in the sunshine, especially with my loved ones. These activities include snowboarding, hiking, biking, camping, foraging and power walking with my Shih tzu.

I am a self-proclaimed purist and am happiest in my garden, I find great delight from creating and cooking from scratch (sourdough is my kids favorite). I also have been known to enjoy down days and relaxing in Kirkland sweatpants as I attempt to read numerous books per month. I am a people person not a paper person (I’m working on that), and often accused of being a bleeding heart (I recently quit watching dog adoption videos because I want all the dogs). We are very blessed to have adopted our third child from Africa.

This has been a powerful journey of self-discovery where I have learnt so much about attachment, development, and trauma. This has impacted how I view the many adults in my life who are trying to process their past/childhood pain, often just doing the best that they can. Trauma affects all of us, and all of us differently. Our experience has exposed a deep passion for unearthing the real need behind the symptom, behavior, or issue.

There is great healing possible through the connection of our mind, bodies, souls and through healthy attached relationships. I like the investigation work it takes to find the why behind the symptom and enjoy the creative approach required to think outside the box.  

I am learning of the great benefits of utilizing quality nutrition and using our food as medicine. Knowing what’s in our food and therefore what we are putting into our bodies is so empowering, we have a say!)




about me



about me

  • I live 1 km from both my husband’s and my families. We have reaped the richness of family fun, cousins, and grandparents who are only minutes away. We are so thankful to have the wonderful support network (including friends that feel like family) helping us raise our family and navigate life’s challenges.

  • I have three wonderful children; 2 biological girls and our son, who was adopted from Africa.
  • I am happiest in my garden; I like to try to grow new things each year and believe in the benefits of gardening in bare feet. It’s so empowering to take care of yourself and grow your own food. I just wish the season was longer. If anyone I know comes over, I like to talk about my plants and show you my plants. Plants are life.

  • I have grandiose dreams of homesteading (sort of tough on 5 acres). I have brought up the topic of chickens on numerous occasions and am eyeing up the field across my road. I can see a beautiful red barn there someday.

  • My husband and kids hunt, and we try to eat wild meat as much as possible. I don’t hunt nor can’t bare look into the eyes of anything I plan on eating, but this arrangement seems to be working for now.

  • I have developed a special interest in trauma and trauma informed care since adopting. I was chosen to attend the Trust Based Relational Intervention at TCU in Texas 5 years ago which has changed how I view childhood trauma and how these experiences affect our view the world around us into adulthood.

  • I have renovated 2 RVs in the past few years. I love being creative and giving something old another chance at life. Its hard work and an investment, but the results are always worth it.

  • I love to travel, the list of places on my bucket list is growing. I have enjoyed cruises and trips to the Caribbean, Africa, Costa Rica, Hawaii and got married in Mexico. My favourite of all is Aruba- it has the best weather, beaches, and the best cheese I have ever tasted. Cheese is also life.

I feel that healthcare should be about celebrating powerful partnerships and collaboration.

A space where we honor autonomy, individuality, and creativity. Where goals and ideas are discussed and explored without judgment.

You are the expert of your body. I would love to hear your story and to learn about your “why”.

Your journey is just starting, and I would love to be a part of it.

Let’s connect!

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