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Hi there, I’m Jennifer!

Prior to becoming a holistic health nurse, I spent 6 years in a hospital setting. While I loved my job and the science of nursing, I began to feel that I was not able to truly care for my patients in a way that was fulfilling to me.

 I was frustrated with the “band-aid” approach to health care and the inability of health professionals to see the patient as a whole and not just as a diagnosis.

I feel that I have now found my calling; reminding women of the innate intelligence their bodies hold to heal. The place where I get to build relationships with my clients and really dig in deep to discover the root issues.

I am looking forward to providing women in my community with a holistic approach to ensuring they are thriving in their bodies. Whether you are wanting to optimize your fertility, live in harmony with your hormones, or are needing help nourishing your body and soul as a mother, I’m your girl.

It is also my goal to create a community where women can connect, learn from, and support each other. They say it takes a village, so let’s create that village!

Just like many others, it was my personal journey filled with struggles and self discovery that led me to where I am today. When my son was a few months old, I started to struggle with the transition into motherhood. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel confident in my role of a caretaker, it was more that I struggled with letting go of parts of my old life that no longer fit or served me.

I was also mourning the part of my relationship that existed before our son. This led me down a path of working on healing myself spiritually and energetically. Today, understanding and embodying a balance of feminine and masculine energies on an individual level as well as how they influence relationships plays a role in my vision of health. We are, afterall, ultimately just that; energy that is always flowing, exchanging and influencing all the parts of us and the world around us.

The rest of my story comes with my daughter. She was truly sent here to teach me so much about myself. Here is the plot; it’s 2021 (need I say more), I’m working in the hospital, I am about to lose my job and I am also dealing with a lot of stressors in my home life. I am starting my day at 5 am with a cup of coffee after getting zero sleep due to the anxious thoughts racing in my mind all night. I don’t get food in me until about 10 (if I get a break) and by then I am light headed and short tempered.

My hair is falling out by the handful too, by the way. It’s been 11 months of trying for a baby so I ask my doctor one day in the hallway at work, “Is there anything I could be doing before the 1 year mark?” The only thing she asks me is if I have a thyroid problem to which I reply, “I don’t know”. After that her suggestion was to go camping and enjoy some beers at the fire for the summer.

Instinctively I knew there had to be something I could be doing to improve my chances of becoming pregnant. This is where I started my deep dive into how I could support my hormones and the importance of fertility for women’s health in general. When I paired this new knowledge with my understanding of what it means to embody my feminine energy, I felt as though I finally truly felt in tune with myself.

Looking back I can see that I was living in a state of fight or flight. Adrenaline and cortisol was constantly rushing through my veins. I was living more in my masculine energy, which made me feel miserable and also created tension in my relationship. How could I expect my body to create new life if it was living in a state of survival for months on end?

I thought I was healthy because I ate well and moved my body. I have since learned that we are more than our physical bodies. There is also an emotional part as well as an energetic part of us that together, with our physical body, makes us whole. These powers are constantly connected and working with each other.

If you take away anything from reading this I hope it’s these two points:
1. Your fertility is a marker for your overall health. Whether you want to become pregnant or not.
2. Maternal health is directly linked to the next generation’s health not only physically, but emotionally too.

My own journey serves as my inspiration to help other women live in a way that supports their hormones, optimize their fertility, connect with and understand their feminine energy, and get to a place where their mind, body and soul are truly nourished. If you can relate to my story in some capacity, please know that you are not alone.

Today’s “rise and grind”, “work hard, play hard” society makes it difficult for our true essence as a woman to thrive. We all just need a little guidance back to our roots.

A little about me…

My family and I live in an old farmhouse on a gorgeous piece of land outside of Stony Plain. I like to say that my children are free ranged, just like our chickens. As a family, we enjoy being out on the river in our boat, camping, dirt biking, and spending time exploring the forest. In my home you will find jars filled with foraged herbs, bone broth sizzling away on the stove and jars of fermenting home grown vegetables in the cupboards. You will also find cool rocks that either my son or I have found, as well as dirt on the bottom of our feet because shoes are optional in our yard.

One passion of mine is learning about regenerative gardening. I love tending to our land and knowing that in return, it will provide us with a bounty of healthy food. I found gardening at a time when I was feeling low and uninspired. It provided me with a creative outlet, a new challenge, and not to mention, the microbes in the soil are proven to be little antidepressants!

A quote that I love by Elsie de Wolfe is, “I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life”. This really speaks to my love of creating art of all different forms, growing whimsical gardens, and collecting things like old, weathered wood, rocks or bones to put on display. A lot of my inspiration comes from Mother Nature and the way she makes me feel when I tap into her energy. I am a Pisces, an introvert and I enjoy collecting coffee cups, because coffee just tastes better when you drink it out of the right cup.




about me



about me

  • I grew up playing hockey. This provided me with so many life experiences like moving in with a billet family in grade 10, traveling to Europe, and playing in the ACAC. After college, I moved back to my hometown where I coached a minor hockey team for two years. This was such a cool experience to come full circle. Although I loved coaching, I hope to just be a hockey mom in the stands one day.
  • I play a little bit of acoustic guitar. The one I play is the one my Grandpa used to hide under his bed from me. I’m sure he is smiling down on me now though!
  • My garden is around 4000 square feet and I use regenerative practices to grow all our food. This means no tilling and no chemicals! I am working towards growing enough to get us through the winter.
  • I met my boyfriend, Nick, on Tinder. On our third date he took me camping. It was February, but he was living in his camper at the time, so he had it rigged up with a wood stove. Looking back, I think I was a little crazy to go camping in the woods, in the winter with a boy I just met. But when you know, you know!
  • I used to work as an administrative assistant at the Foothills Research Institute in Hinton. This was a neat experience as I worked alongside many biologists who specialized in things like grizzly bears, caribou, land reclamation and mountain pine beetle. One highlight during my time there was when I attended a Caribou Workshop where I got to listen to biologists from all over the world present.

I am currently enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and have recently moved into the role of a student coach, which I am beyond excited for.

My dream is to work with women who are either currently mothers, or planning to become mothers- and helping them show up authentically in their wellness journey.

I would love the opportunity to work with you directly, and help guide you in learning more about your own body.

Let’s connect!

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