About Jenysa


Hi there, I’m Jenysa!

I’ve been a registered nurse since 2020, however I’ve been working in healthcare since 2015.

I’ve worked in many different areas of nursing, from rural acute care/emergency, child and adolescent psychiatry, and pediatric medicine.

I have had a passion for helping people for as long as I can remember, so it was only natural for me to become a nurse.

I work best with young adults struggling with weight and body image, as well as men and women who have been told they’re pre-diabetic.

I can’t wait to help you explore your health & wellness!

A little about me…

I’m originally from Red Deer, Alberta, but I made the move to Edmonton in 2021. I always wanted to make sure I never stayed in my hometown forever, I knew there was more out there for me to explore (even if I only went one city away).

When I’m notworking, I love to spend time outdoors, whether it’s an intense hike, or a short walk around the neighborhood. I also spend lots of time reading, planning my next travel adventure, and honestly, spending way too much time scrolling through TikTok.

As a child I grew up significantly larger than everyone around me, and I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t vastly aware of it. It shaped who I am, and I struggled with depression and anxiety related to it. It took me a lot of time to truly discover myself, and who I was outside of my weight and mental health concerns.

I learned to care for my mind, body, and soul and watched myself transform into the person I aspired to be. I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to support others who struggle with body image and self-doubt.




about me



about me

  • I travelled to Guatemala in high school, where I spent time volunteering, practicing my limited Spanish skills, and even hiked up an active volcano. I fell in love with travelling,
    and I can’t wait to continue to explore the entire world.
  • I used to be the biggest Marianas Trench fan ever- I’ve been to fifteen of their concerts, and even got my first tattoo as lyrics to one of their songs
  • I love all things music, my happy place is at a concert just being immersed in the experience, but I have zero musical talent of my own- just a professional listener!
  • I used to hate mushrooms to such an extreme level – I remember the fights I would put up when I found out my mom had put mushrooms in meals. Now, they’re a staple in my fridge, and you can pretty much guarantee I’ve found a way to incorporate them into every recipe.
  • I have two nieces and I had the privilege of living with my sister when they were newborns, it created such a special and unique bond. I’m so lucky they live fairly close and I get to see them often!

Currently, I am studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified Health Coach. While I absolutely love Western medicine and what it has provided for us, I truly believe we should be spending more time on health promotion and disease prevention.

Our current healthcare system is overworked and unfortunately, this has caused rushed visits, a focus on treating symptoms, and patients feeling even more confused and frustrated. A more holistic and preventative approach is able to spend more time focusing on the cause of illness, preventing symptoms, and giving you the ability to take more control of your own health and well-being.

When I first heard of The Holistic RN and Co, I was hesitant to believe in a world where holistic health wouldn’t be in rivalry with Western medicine, however, the more I learned and spent time researching this company and its core values, I realized that Brianne was trying to create an equilibrium between the two- and this collaboration is exactly what our healthcare system needs.

I believe everyone deserves a chance to be an active participant in their health and deserves to be heard in a non-judgmental, safe environment. I look forward to being able to support you in whichever way you need and work with you toward creating a happy, healthy, and balanced life.

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