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Hi there, I’m Jessie!

I’m a Registered Nurse with close to fifteen years of health care experience. I have worked in long term care, specialty surgeries, rural, and urban centres.

Since becoming a mom I have become more interested in natural health and healing. It amazes me how much we can do to heal and promote wellness in our bodies without jumping straight to pharmaceuticals!

I am a big believer in hospitals for trauma response (amongst many other things!), and I know antibiotics do save lives – but more and more I am learning that there are lots of natural routes to healing that we tend to overlook and, often times, dismiss. We live in a fast paced society that likes answers and results NOW, so letting our bodies run their natural course of healing can feel like an eternity when we have been so conditioned to reach for a pill bottle to “fix” the problem first.

Since becoming a mom I have started to look for ways that I can take care of my family with the resources available to me, and it has been very exciting to learn that there are lots of home remedies and things I can do to help take care of myself, and my family! The world of natural health is big and ever expanding, and I’m excited to come along side you to help find a route that works for you!

A little about me…

I met my husband while in nursing school and we got married less than a week before my convocation (it was a busy and full week!). We have three little kids and baby number four is coming at Christmas – we’ll have four kids under five when she’s born! I think it’s safe to say we like adventure and excitement, because it is never a dull moment in our house! We have a great big dog and we call him our gentle giant because he’s probably the world’s best family dog, the kids just adore him.

I love to spend time home with my family, it’s my greatest joys in life being the mom to my kids and the wife to my husband. We like to take our kids to go do things, and it amazes me looking at the little mob and realizing that they are ours to know, raise, and love. I also love to make things, basically any sort of art and craft I’m down to try, and will probably enjoy! I just love to create something and hold it in my hands – anything from a hand-lettered sign, to a crocheted blanket, to a can of homemade apple butter, to a painting for my house. Over the last couple years I have been trying to find joy in creating things that are realistic for my current season, for example finding joy in creating good food for my family, creating a home that is filled with love and fun, and helping to create a family culture that we can all thrive in.

One of my current favourite sayings is “hard is not the same as bad”. It’s counter cultural, but for me it really helps to put things into perspective and help me realize some seasons of life may be draining, and hard, but that is NOT necessarily bad. I hope to connect with my clients and help them realize that they can take steps to thrive where they are and that even when the good things in life feel overwhelming, hard is not the same as bad.




about me



about me

  • I used to love to travel (I still do, but things change when you have kids!) and once in Peruvian market I tried to ask a woman about a frog she had (my Español is no bueno), and she immediately pulled it out of its tank, killed it, fried it, and blended it up for me to drink – I was horrified! Another person told me that the local custom is to drink a frog drink as a ‘rain dance’ for good luck and a strong rain fall- so I drank the frog, begrudgingly… it tasted exactly how you would imagine…
  • Despite living in the Calgary area for my entire life, I have only been to the Calgary Stampede once, and that was back when I was dating my husband about 10yrs ago!
  • I enjoy self teaching and I’m very much into getting back to the basics, from teaching myself to crochet (thanks YouTube!) to learning to can and preserve food to home remedy making (tinctures and firecider are becoming my jam!). My goal is to one day be a modern Ma Ingalls!
  • I LOVE to read. Usually I love a good story, but since having kids I’ve really enjoyed reading non-fiction books about raising kids, faith, health/wellness, home schooling, and books about the culture wars. Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card (Arthur, anyone?).
  • I love love LOVE to listen to 00-10’s dance/punk/pop music- I can’t help but do the obligatory “AH! I LOVE THIS SONG!” if something like “Party Rock Anthem” or “Welcome to the Black Parade” comes on. My husband and I love to dance (he’s waaaay better than me, I look like a flailing starfish), and wedding dances are our favourite!

My dream is to work with women who have lots going on in their lives and need some help finding a way to balance. I want to come alongside the busy mom who is trying to juggle marriage, raising their kids, working, and maintaining a sense of sanity through it all.

I want to come alongside the working girl that feels pulled in every direction and struggles to say ‘no’ because all of the things are good things. I want to help women to thrive where they are and learn how to navigate the beautiful (and sometimes hard!) things that they have been given.

I want to help the mammas that want to learn how to take care of themselves, and their families, but have no idea where to start. I would love to get to know you, and meet you where you are, so we can work towards getting you where you want to go.

Life is a big beautiful thing and sometimes we all need a little help finding our way through the seasons we find ourselves in.

Let’s connect!

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