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Heya! My name is Kassandra.

I’m currently an LPN, Wife, and Mum. I was born and raised in Stony Plain, AB and still live on an acreage with four generations of family together on one property near there. I have been a nurse for 5 years now working rural in Barrhead and then in Stony Plain. In Barrhead I focused a lot on palliative care. I was also able to sit in on C section’s and delivery’s along with other bedside nursing. In Stony I remained focus on palliative care along with bedside nursing. I took additional courses prior to my maternity leave on maternity, postpartum and breast feeding.

I started my journey to nursing early on-in high school I loved sports medicine and realized I loved helping people not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. I continued my journey post high school into emergency medicine taking my EMR.

Although I loved emergency medicine I wanted to be there for my patients in a different way. This lead me into nursing, however originally I was accepted into university away from home for a degree program in order to pursue becoming a doctor.

I chose to stay close to home as my grandfather (who helped raise me) had just been diagnosed with advanced dementia. I chose to stay close to home in order to help my grandmother and mother who were his caregivers. After my first year of nursing I was able to be by his bedside as he became palliative and passed.

A little about me…

I wear my heart on my sleeve, I could talk to a stranger for hours about anything. I’m a pretty open book and I have a way of getting people to open up to me. My family and friends call it my chisel and hammer, I call it love. I swear I fall in love with something new every day, the way a song sounds, a saying in a book or simply a stranger’s smile. Love is a word that comes out of my mouth 24/7. This is my core belief that love is the best healer.

I’m always excited to be outside soaking in some sun reading a good book, even better if I’m close to water! A good book to me is anything related to culture, complementary health and spirituality. Sometimes you’ll even catch me reading a book and listening to music singing along, I thrive in chaos. I don’t remember the name of anyone who sings my favourite songs though, but I could recite you the lyrics no issue.

My family is my whole world and I take every opportunity to be around them, my house is constantly having company over and I love hosting family and friends. I spend most of my free time with my family outside in the summer either in the garden or swimming in my sister’s pool, and in the winter usually we are sitting around in front of the fire when we get free time.




about me



about me

  • I am the youngest sibling- my sister is 18 years older than me and my brother is 10 years older making me, so they like to call me “the baby”.
  • I have 2 cats: Salem (Sabrina the teenage witch) who is 14 years old. And Kallie (Goddess of Destruction, I did not know this when I picked the name!) who is 2 years old. Plus a shared dog in the family Pepper who is also 2.
  • I love the ocean and spending time near water. I think being near the ocean is when I’m the calmest and happiest, although I do love the mountains too!
  • I Oracle and Tarot read and was introduced to it by chance one day at my sisters house when I was 16. I use them now more personally and to discuss hard topics with others. 
  • My husband is Hindu and we live a multicultural life that we raise our daughter in. I wear sindhoor (red powder) in my hairline which you will see me wearing 24/7. 
  • I love making herbal teas, tinctures and flower foods. I try to grow everything I can in our garden in the summer months and I have an array of house plants!

I am currently taking a health coaching certification through IIN and a few other things. I’ve taken Ayurvedic nutrition and enjoy Ayurvedic practices at home. I align so much with holistic health not only professionally but also personally.

I was frustrated not only working in a system that didn’t align with my values but also felt lost as a patient and family member. I wanted to focus on root problems not just the current symptoms I saw myself and my family facing. I also found that unless I really advocated my voice wasn’t heard and I was just like the last person who walked through the door. I wanted to be treated as an individual with specific needs related to my concerns.

I am eager to help others with big transitions in life bringing healing, empowerment and holistic health all together. I want to address the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being of each individual. I want to advocate for you and be there to get you to your best whatever that looks like in the moment.

I will be focusing on two big aspects of life, life and death. Working with postpartum mums focusing on them and their journey ahead. I will also be working with individuals and their families through the grieving process in palliative care.

I look forward to walking with you on your journey, and being here for you, no matter what stage of life you are in.

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