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Hi there! I’m Lacey.

I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. My first nursing job I worked in a small rural hospital in Southeastern Saskatchewan managing everything from ER traumas to palliative care.  It was an excellent experience that gave me a wealth of knowledge and I was able to work with some great mentors. In 2018, my husband and I packed up our life and moved to Medicine Hat on a whim, and that’s where I worked in the Hemodialysis unit for 3 years. I also casually worked in an infusion clinic providing medication to people with autoimmune conditions.

During the first few years of my nursing career I began to question why we were fixing people solely with medications all the time?  I would hear so many people say “I take so many pills” and mostly, they do not know what it’s for.  I was also seeing my patients with chronic conditions having worsening episodes, and they would be discharged from the hospital with yet another pill to add to their daily regime.

What if there was another way to help someone to manage their symptoms, and possibly overcome their illness? That was the question that lead me into Holistic Nutrition. I signed up in 2017 for an online nutrition course and from there, the rest is history.

A little about me…

I am the middle child of 5 and grew up in a tiny town in South Central Saskatchewan. I was raised on a cattle and grain farm, we ate what we grew.  I remember as a very small child knowing what a weed was because my mother made us pick them! My dad taught me about farming, raising cattle and horses. My mom taught me how to garden and prepare food from whole ingredients.

Being from such a small community and big family, I learnt to always look out for one another. I am very compassionate and want to help everyone, even if they do not want to hear it! Haha

I am married to my husband Curtis, and we have a cat, Ember. Together we love to go camping, quadding, kayaking, biking, snowmobiling and concerts. We have been together for 17 years so, I am lucky to say he is also my best friend in this life journey. He is also very tolerant with my healthy recipe ideas and listens to me talk endlessly about natural healing remedies.




about me



about me

  • I was in the 4-H Lighthorse program for 2 years, I used my older sister’s horse who she trained in the Lighthorse program many years before me. I took a couple Red Ribbons home!
  • I have been creating meals in the kitchen since 9 years old
  • I have a love of muscle cars and fancy trucks. I can drive a standard and love ripping around in our orange mustang GT. I also still drive my first car I bought at age 18, a 2002 silver Mustang.
  • I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers, and I’d like to say we are all pretty close.
  • I have 10 nieces and nephews.
  • I grew up wanting to be Jem, from Jem and the Holograms (and still want to be)
  • My first trip on an airplane was from Regina to Grande Prairie at the age of 21 when I took my first oilfield medic job on a drilling rig… I didn’t even know what a drilling rig looked like! LOL
  • I love growing flowers. My yard is full of them.
  • My first job was waitressing at our local small town restaurant at the age of 16. I’ve also worked at a Credit Union, Sobeys and Sears.
  • I took sewing classes as a child and used to make some of my mom’s work outfits for her
  • I love the mountains. Hiking is a new passion of mine, I have joined a hiking group and meet strangers in the woods for adventures. LOL… I’m also directionally challenged and afraid of bears
  • I dabble in acoustic guitar, someday I hope to be amazing at it, but all my free time is devoted to studying and researching natural healing alternatives.
  • My favorite music is Hard Rock.
  • My cat has an autoimmune condition, which is uncanny as I specialize and work in a field focused on autoimmune conditions. I also love trying to heal my animals holistically.

My first healing experience was with my husband who developed Plaque Psoriasis in his early 30’s. Through nutrition and lifestyle changes along with adding in some supplements, we were able to stop the inflammation process and keep his symptoms very manageable, without the use of steroids or biologic medications.

Next was my mother, who had been struggling with a pretty advanced case of Rheumatoid arthritis. It took a while, but with my research into different ways to arrest her autoimmune process, she is officially in remission and no longer taking Methotrexate. On a side note, we were also able to correct her irregular heartbeat in which the cardiologist wanted to start her on medication to make it more regular.

My father credits me to saving his life. A few years ago, he was having trouble breathing which eventually led to a cardiac arrhythmia and fluid in his legs (edema). After a few weeks of in and out of hospital I went home to check on him, and was shocked by what I seen. My poor father looked awful, from a man that walked miles a day doing chores on the farm to someone that could barely walk 20 steps from the living room to the kitchen, I thought he was a goner.

He was prescribed medications that were making him sicker, he wasn’t responding to the treatment well and his health care team said he just needs to get used to the medications.  We worked on his diet and within a few days he was breathing better, sleeping better and the fluid was going down in his legs. I added some supplement suggestions and more dietary recommendations and now fast forward a few years and my 71 year old father can throw more bales by hand then my 15 year old nephew! Working 10+ hours a day on the farm is still an easy day for him. On a side note, he is also on minimal daily medications.

Stories like this makes me light up inside, I know there is a reason behind the way you are feeling, and it’s not because you are lacking certain medications. If you are struggling with a chronic disease or illness that is impacting your day to day life, work or relationships, I’d love to see what we can do together to get your health back into your control.

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