About Shelby


Hi there, I’m Shelby!

I am a Licensed Practical Nurse and have been practicing for 11 years. Upon graduating I worked in a clinic setting, until shifting to bedside nursing on family medicine unit in a small rural hospital.

My passion for branching into this area of health and wellness comes from the desire to get to the root of an issue and not just surface treat. I wish to give clients the knowledge, tools and motivation to take control of their own health and wellness.

I’m committed to being authentic and empathic in my support of others on their health and wellness journey.

A little about me…

I’m a wife and mother of two beautiful children. My family resides west of Stony Plain on an acreage with our two dogs. Our home is our little piece of paradise, we are very proud of the home we built together figuratively and literally.

I find joy and a connection to nature while tending to my garden and flowers. Reading also brings me joy and allows me to disconnect from the everyday hustle of life. Alongside my passions for gardening and reading I prioritize my physical well-being. I enjoy engaging in fitness training, practicing yoga, and exploring the outdoors. Through these activities I find empowerment and rejuvenation.

I’m passionate about community engagement and due to this I’m actively involved in my children’s school and extracurricular activities. You often will find me at school events and volunteering my time.

In May of 2021 my son was officially diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This lifechanging event brought forth new challenges, but also opened the door to a profound understanding and unwavering commitment to my son’s unique needs. I believe that it is important to create a positive and inclusive environment for all people no matter what their challenges may be.

I try to live each day with the quote in mind that “if it won’t affect you in five years don’t spend more than five minutes worrying about it.” I am looking forward to connecting with clients and guiding them through the journey of discovering the best version of themselves.




about me



about me

  • Since my childhood, I’ve harbored a strong dislike for Play Dough and anything like its texture. The smell and texture is enough to make me gag.
  • When planning a trip, I would choose the mountains over the beach. My favorite place is Fairmont, BC. My family has created many core memories on trips there.
  • One of my dreams is to one day own a couple of mini cows.
  • Despite having a love for horses, I’m unfortunately highly allergic to them.
  • As a child I was convinced that when I grew up, I would drive a pink Kenworth semitruck with a Winnie The Pooh decal on it.

Currently, I am studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified Health Coach. I hold a firm belief in the importance of incorporating holistic health principles into the realm of health and wellness.

This includes recognizing the significance of preventative care, lifestyle adjustments, and a comprehensive approach to well-being. By incorporating these elements, we can complement and enhance Western medicine, resulting in more comprehensive and patient-centered care.

In recent times, I have observed a growing number of individuals expressing their dissatisfaction with the existing state of affairs. Holistic health provides individuals with the tools and empowerment to take control of their lives and dig beneath the surface to uncover the fundamental causes of problems.

Western medicine approach frequently concentrates on individual symptoms or specific body areas, often overlooking the interconnected nature of the entire body. Consequently, it may fall short in identifying the underlying causes and instead provide temporary relief or symptom management without addressing the root cause.

I am thrilled to be joining this forward thinking and dynamic team, fully prepared to challenge established norms in health and wellness.

I eagerly anticipate getting acquainted with you and assisting you in uncovering your true potential.

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