About Sofia


Hi, I’m Sofia!

I am a fiery Registered Nurse passionate about natural, non-pharmaceutical healing, who finds solace in helping others better understand their health and wellness.

My nursing experience is predominantly in adult medicine, where I experienced working on the COVID units during the pandemic, and I experienced a little bit of everything and was exposed to more things that I felt my nursing degree didn’t prepare me for.

I value freedom, free thinking and open-mindedness; I am constantly seeking to understand the world around me. My parents and closest friends would agree that I will never settle for the answer “that’s the way it’s always been”. I need to dive deep, analyze, interpret, understand, and formulate viable solutions.

I am motivated to learn and take in new information so that I can better support others in their health literacy. Growing up, I enjoyed math a lot; now, in my adult life, numbers speak to me. I am constantly surrounded by angel numbers and synchronicities and use them and other modalities of spirituality to guide my
life’s journey.

As an awakened soul, I also love yoga, crystals, volleyball, dance, music, and nature. I am passionate about living a slow, relaxed lifestyle in tune with the frequencies and pace of mother nature.

I enjoy challenging and questioning the status quo, and consider myself a forever learner; my first name does mean wisdom, after all!

A little about me…

When I’m not cuddling with Ollie, keeping active, listening to music, or propagating plants, you can find me living my best life in nature, snowboarding. I grew up playing tons of competitive sports (mostly basketball and volleyball). Growing up, I was always a bit of a “problem child” with undiagnosed ADHD/autism and anger problems. No one knew how to help me, including my parents. My childhood behaviour, focus, and schoolwork improved significantly when I was kept busy with constant stimulation, sports, dance, and other forms of exercise.

As an adult, I have found some new and natural ways to further my self-care, including integrating elements of spirituality and natural detox into my healthcare plan. I also used to experience a plethora of health problems, then, after my awakening, I began to research and slowly make positive changes to my lifestyle. I dealt with debilitating endometriosis, chronic undiagnosed uterine infections, severe depression and undiagnosed estrogen dominance for over a decade, just to name a few. I have noticed a massive 180 in my health since then, so I truly know I can help others the same way I did for myself. My suggestions and knowledge are coming from first-hand experience, while integrating a bio-individual approach to your healthcare.

I am a very passionate, loud, and energetic woman. I love to talk, and people who know me well will either tell you I’m a great leader or a little bossy. I heal both myself and others through conversing; this is something I was able to identify this year, and I believe this has everything to do with frequencies and the vibrations of our voices.

I love when people open up to me about their struggles and connect with me emotionally, especially men or people who struggle with opening up and being vulnerable. I feel honoured when people trust me with their most inner thoughts. I know I am destined for this role, and I’m ecstatic to get started!




about me



about me

  • I was a member of and performed with a semi-professional Ukrainian dance ensemble named Volya, which means freedom in Ukrainian
  • Attended an IB (International Baccalaureate) school for 10 years
  • I won gold in City Championships and bronze in Provincials in high school on the senior women’s volleyball team at Ross Sheppard High School (and I have been volunteering as an assistant coach there for over 5 years)
  • For my astrology lovers, I am an Aries with Cancer rising
  • Travels have taken me to Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Peru, and Colombia, while performing with semi-professional Ukrainian dance ensembles
  • I have a crazy little Yorkie-Shihtzu named Ollie (Oliver), who loves to attack the ones he loves most with face licks, and squeals with joy whenever he gets excited (he learned this from his mama, obviously)
  • Ukrainian is my first language
  • Propagating plants and gardening are major passions of mine – my home is always filled with greenery and I am passionate about self-sufficiency
  • Dancing is one of my favourite forms of self care
  • I am an empath: I feel intense emotions and often take on the emotions of others (this is why I often recluse and go deep into nature/self care)
  • Experienced a massive spiritual awakening in 2021-2022 that changed my entire life. I woke up to all of the corruption and now have drastically different opinions about the world we live in today
  • Completed Bloomsday (12km road race) in Spokane in 1h7m
  • Love to do tarot and astrology readings for my friends. I’m a beginner but love to learn and feel the power of my intuition unfold in my readings
  • Beaches and mountains bring me peace and healing

My practice will include a focus on detox and ADHD, with a special interest in men’s mental health. I believe emotional and spiritual supports for men are severely lacking in today’s fast-paced, modern society. When I mention detox, I don’t mean juice cleanses that are harsh on the body and immune system; I mean small, natural, everyday steps to care for and facilitate your body’s natural detoxification systems and processes.

I am incredibly passionate about natural healing; the system pushes band-aid solutions to treat symptoms, while I dive deep to investigate the root cause. I enjoy the challenge of investigating detailed and complicated health histories. I will be integrating German New Medicine, spirituality, tarot, astrology, and numerology into my practice. In the near future, I hope to further research and expand my knowledge in the following areas: reiki, sound healing, plant-medicine, and psychedelics/psilocybin.

I believe all of these are major facets of health, and I am so excited to branch off into these areas of interest. I consider myself a forever learner, and will continuously strive to improve my knowledge everyday as a student of this Earth.

Do you want to figure out how to live in alignment and finally feel healthy and able?

Are you overwhelmed discerning between what is healthy and what is not serving your wellness?

I can help you navigate the disorientating realities of our healthcare and food supply systems, and identify what to avoid and which foods are nutrient dense and nourishing, all while
encompassing a spiritual and natural healthcare plan that will best suit your bio-individual needs.

Let me be your detox guru, your personal cheerleader, your personal and relational therapist, your nurse, and your biggest supporter. I’ll detox every aspect of your life, and I know we can improve your health and wellness with small, consistent changes everyday.

After all, health and wellness aren’t about sudden, drastic overhauls- it’s about the little steps you take everyday that propel you to where you want to be tomorrow.

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