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My name is Taylor.

I am an LPN and had been practicing for 6 years in various settings prior to branching into business with Brianne, and joining the Holistic RN & Co.

My background is primarily Emergency Medicine and Acute care. I’ve worked in 3 different ER’s- UofA, Westview and Devon, as well as medicine at Westview, Devon, and Hinton Hospitals.

I have always loved helping people and had a great interest in biological sciences, thus leading me to choose a career as a nurse. In addition, in my personal life I have also always been mindful and intuitive with my nutrition and exercise.

Throughout my career as a nurse I have always been drawn to the Holistic approaches to healing, and often questioned why this wasn’t actively integrated into practice with western medicine. 

A little about myself

I grew up on an acreage near Stony Plain, with my parents and two brothers. I now currently live 1 Range Road over from my childhood home with my husband and our two dogs. In my free time I love to explore the mountains in any way possible. I love to snowmobile in the backcountry, dirtbike, camp, fish, hunt, cross country ski, run, hike… if there is adventure to be had, I’ll be there… oh and so will my dogs. I am very personable and easy going. I have a love for life so big and a passion for living each day to its fullest. I am also everyone’s biggest fans. I absolutely LOVE seeing friends and strangers the same, living their lives the way they see the most meaningful. As a believer in working together and sharing knowledge I am so excited to help build and be a part of a community of resources to help individuals every step of the way on their ongoing wellness journeys.

We are human, we are beautiful and we are worthy.

Taylor xx



about me



about me

  • I am the middle child to two brothers. My mom always said I should’ve been the boy as my hobbies and interests are for motorsports and the outdoors, more so than either of my brothers.
  • I taught myself how to do headstands randomly one day, and now every time I’m in a new place or in beautiful scenery you can typically find a photo of me on my head to follow.
  • I played every sport I could growing up and was the top female athlete in my Jr. High.
  • I’ve been involved with motorsports since the age of 3 when I got my first quad. I began dirt biking in grade 7. I began back country mountain snowmobiling when I was 21. I now own my dream snowmobile and dirt bike and ride primarily with men.
  • I also enjoy many other outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hunting, snowboarding, hiking, trail running and cross county skiing.
  • My husband, Chad, our two dogs, River and Chevy, and myself have just recently settled on land we subdivided off my parents, which is only 1 range road over from my childhood home- which my younger brother now owns.
  • The mountains are my absolute favorite place to be. I moved to Hinton AB, for 6 months and enjoyed so many sports and adventures.
  • When I was 23 I travelled to Europe with my cousin from Colorado. I was gone from Alberta for a month. I flew to Denver to meet my cousin and visit family for a couple days. We flew to Munich Germany, took in some history and went to the Hofbräuhaus, took a train to Paris, France and I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, flew to Krakow, Poland and spent 3 days at the Auschwitz Concentration camps (which was at the top of my bucket list), flew to Zurich, Switzerland and rented a car which I drove over 2 hours to Lauterbrunnen on crazy narrow mountain roads in the dark, I sky dived from a helicopter in the Swiss Alps at 14,000 feet, flew to Barcelona, Spain where I kayaked and cliff jumped into the Mediterranean Sea, flew to Hanover Germany and visited a childhood friend on his cattle farm, then took a train back to Munich Germany to fly back to Denver for a few days before coming home. This was my last trip (right before covid), and I cannot wait to travel again.
  • My husband is from Hinton. Chad’s sister, Jennifer, is my best friend, who I met in nursing school. Herself, her boyfriend and their children now live just 10 minutes from Chad and I. I likely wouldn’t have met either Chad or Jen if Jen and I had not been placed in the same clinical group. I think it’s the craziest thing how the world brings people into your life and how one different choice or situation could’ve changed everything in my life.

I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, becoming a certified Health Coach. There are so many aspects to holistic wellness that I feel strongly coincide with treatments provided within western medicine that are not brought forward, and in turn the benefits of Holistic wellness are truly underappreciated.

I decided to branch into the path of Holistic Nursing as I truly believe that the benefits of this practice are crucial to longevity and overall quality of life. I am so excited to be a part of introducing meaningful and sustainable change to people’s lives, while decreasing the odds of chronic disease.

Western Medicine focuses so greatly on treating symptoms of chronic disease or illness, without often identifying the underlying causes and correcting them when possible. I feel Holistic Wellness offers us a chance to educate individuals and provide meaningful (and most importantly sustainable) change to people’s lives so that they don’t need to live with a ‘band-aid’ over the symptoms they thought they would just have to accept as part of their lives.

I am over the moon for the opportunity to work alongside Brianne and learn from her, as well as from all of our wonderful clients as I broaden my knowledge and experience in Holistic Medicine.

I look forward getting to know you, and helping you feel your absolute best!

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