About Theresa


Hi there, I’m Theresa!

I have been an LPN since 2011. The majority of my nursing career has been in maternity on a postpartum unit and I have also spent some time in rural acute care and long term care.

I have had a passion for nursing since I was a young teenager because I wanted to help people. I was quickly disillusioned with our healthcare system once I started working in the medical field and knew there was so much more we could do for people if only we could expand the vision from drugs and surgeries to incorporate nutrition and lifestyle changes as well.

I have always been passionate about natural and alternative medicine as the home culture I grew up in tended towards natural remedies as a means for healing. When I experienced a health crisis as a young adult and our healthcare system couldn’t help me, I set out on a journey to find healing in a holistic way and it drastically improved my life. The holistic changes we make in our lives are long lasting and I am excited to walk with others through their journey.

A little about me…

I am a wife and the mother of 4 delightful young children (we had our 4 kids in 5 years). We live on an acreage in Red Deer County and are privileged to have my husband’s grandma live with us. We have a dog named Beau and 3 cats – nearly
4 as one seems to be adopting us. I have big dreams and aspirations about what will be on our acreage one day while being fully aware of my time limitations and so I am taking things one step at a time.

We are homeschooling our children and I absolutely love it – all the challenges included. I love going for walks with my kids and our dog. We like to spend lots of time outdoors exploring, playing, connecting and experiencing wonder.

I love traveling and experiencing other cultures at home and abroad. I think we have so much to learn from each other and I love broadening my horizons and comfort zone. I have been stepping out of my comfort zone a lot in the last few
years. The transitions of infertility to pregnancy to newborn to young children to multiple children have stretched me considerably.

I am in school again and in the midst of a career change all while learning along with my children and educating them. All these things are stressors – good stressors but still stressors. I wouldn’t want it any other way and I am passionate about learning and growing and handling the stressors on your plate when there isn’t the option to remove them.




about me



about me

  • I am a beginner gardener – I want to learn all things garden and want to have a huge one (one day!)
  • I love sleeping under the stars – because of mosquitos I have to sleep in a screen tent
  • I may seem quiet when you first meet me – but it won’t last long 🙂
  • Holistic health means more to me than just my physical body – I’m learning to declutter to help my mental and emotional health
  • My house is completely surrounded by trees and I wouldn’t want it any other way
  • The next animal I’d like to get on our acreage is a milking sheep
  • I’ve been to India (3 times!), Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Italy, Greece, and Mexico – we haven’t travelled much since having kids so when they’re a little older we’re going to start traveling again!

I am currently studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach and will be stepping into my role as student coach in the Red Deer clinic.

I am passionate about helping people and love many things about my career as a nurse. I feel strongly about there being a better way to health and wellness than our broken system and am thrilled to be here working with the nurses at The Holistic RN & Co.

I will be working with women that are dealing with transitions and stressors that are not going away. Whether that be motherhood, a health challenge, new job or schooling I am excited to journey with you.

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