Affirmations: what are they and why do they matter? (Plus 75+ of my personal ones!)


If you’re new to the world of affirmations, you’re likely thinking what the heck are they- and you wouldn’t be alone.

In fact, that was exactly my reaction when I first started to incorporate them years ago.

To put it simply, affirmations are positive statements that you use to help you improve your mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviours.

Ideally, they are meant to be said out loud, on a daily basis, so that you can reprogram your negative thoughts and put healthier, more positive ones in their place.

So, why do they matter?

Well, the human brain is really an incredible thing- and it is capable of SO much!

Taking a deeper look at our brain, we recognize right away that this is the part that actually makes us human and different than any other beings out there. This is because our brains have two major components- our conscious mind, and our subconscious mind.

Our conscious mind is the part of our brain that we are aware of and in control of- it is responsible for the thoughts that we actively have. However, this part of our brain makes up only 5% of our thoughts!

Our subconscious mind is the part of our brain that we are not actively in control of- this is where things like our fears, beliefs, emotions, feelings, etc occur. These things feel natural and habitual- but are ultimately, an involuntary reaction created from past experiences. This part of our brain makes up the other 95% of our thoughts- which is why it is SO important!

This part of our brain can often be associated with limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and crippling fears that hold us back from going after what we truly want- BUT, it is important to note that all of the ‘stuff’ in this part of our mind has actually been placed there because of things that we have said, heard, witnessed or experienced at some point in our lives.

Therefore, that means that it can be changed- and we can instead place new, happier, healthier and more positive beliefs and thoughts in its place.

This process of creating new neural connections and reprogramming our subconscious mind is called neuroplasticity, and one of the ways in which we can do this is through affirmations.

Now it is important to note that as with doing anything, the process of creating new habits and beliefs, weighs heavily on repetition. The more we DO something, the better and easier it becomes.

Beginning to use and incorporate affirmations into your routine is one way that you can go from stuck and struggling to happy and healthy- but you have to make it a consistent process in order to see the benefit.

How do you begin to incorporate them?

I’ll be honest, when you first begin to say your affirmations it can feel REALLY weird. But, if you continue with the process and keep it up, I promise that feeling will fade with time and you will become more comfortable.

To start incorporating affirmations effectively, it’s best to sit for just a moment and think about the different ways that you currently put yourself down. What are the common negative statements that you will often think or say about yourself to yourself or with others present?

Are they centered around the way you look? Is it about your personality? Your capabilities?

Getting honest with the way that we are viewing ourselves on a day to day basis can be super uncomfortable as it requires us to be vulnerable- and that is a feeling no one likes.

However, as we open ourselves up to the realization of how many limiting beliefs (aka negative self-talk) we are participating in or actively carrying around, it becomes even more apparent that we need to reprogram our mind for the better.

In this process, it is also important to take a neutral awareness and to refrain from judging the thoughts or beliefs that we have. It is OKAY to be currently holding those things in your space- and it is a natural part of the human process to do so. But now, moving forward with the awareness of what is holding you back, you get to choose how you move forward from here.

And affirmations can be part of that choice.

Now once you have some clarity around what your common negative phrases, thoughts or statements are- it’s time to flip them.

This means taking those things that would normally hold your back or put you down, and ‘flip’ them to a positive statement that instead lights you up.

Ask yourself in this process, ‘how do I want to feel?’, ‘what do I want to believe about myself or my life?’, or ‘what thoughts would the happier or healthier version of myself have?’.

For instance, if you frequently put down your appearance, perhaps choosing an affirmation that says “I am beautiful” or “I love the way I look in the mirror” is a great place to start. Or perhaps it’s picking one part of your appearance that you do like and focusing on that- like, ‘I love the way my eyes sparkle’ or ‘I love my long hair’.

Another important thing to note here is that affirmations are meant to be said as if you have already achieved something– meaning they are meant to reflect the end goal.

Typically, they start with ‘I am’, but they can also start with other affirming words like ‘I love’, ‘I choose’, ‘I believe’, etc. Affirmations are also best if they do not include any negatives within them.

For instance, if reducing your anger was your goal, you wouldn’t want to say ‘I am trying to be less angry’ or ‘I am releasing my anger’. Instead, you’d want to choose something like ‘I am calm and collected’, ‘I am in control of my emotions’, or ‘I am in control of my response’, etc.

The reason why it is best to reword them in this way, is because our subconscious mind does not process negatives. When we think something like ‘I am trying to be less angry’ or ‘don’t be angry’, all our subconscious mind hears and records is ‘be angry’.

It’s like saying ‘don’t think of a blue tree’. Well in order to ‘not’ think of a blue tree, we first have to think about a blue tree in order to un-think it. The same goes for our affirmations. If we say ‘don’t be angry’, we first have to think or feel angry in order to not think or feel it.

Finally, the last thing I wanted to cover was the feeling some people have that they are lying to themselves because they don’t yet believe the statements they are saying- and this is quite common!

To overcome this, I recommend adding a couple of extra words to the beginning of the affirmation to help it feel more aligned with you. Instead of saying ‘I am beautiful’ if that doesn’t quite resonate, say instead ‘I am choosing to believe I am beautiful’ or ‘I am in the process of believing I am beautiful’.

By adding ‘I choose to’ or ‘I am in the process of’, it takes away that feeling of being a fraud and allows you to incorporate it with ease.

Now I recommend starting with a list of 5 (no more than 10 if you are new to this)- and practice saying them out loud to yourself at least once every single day for a minimum of 30 days. How and when you say these is up to you- you can say them driving in your car, as you look in the mirror, or even standing in a Wonder Woman pose!

You can also choose to say them more frequently throughout the day which would increase the rate of how fast they sink in.

Another option is also to record yourself saying them on your voice memo app on your phone, and then listen to it each day with headphones. This is a great option if you are always surrounded by other people and don’t feel comfortable saying it out loud around them yet.

Get creative here and think outside the box! And if you need a little more inspiration or assistance, below I have included over 75+ different affirmations that I say myself on a regular basis. You can check that out below!

My own personal list of affirmations:

These are the affirmations I use in my own life on a daily basis. Feel free to use these are inspiration to create your own authentic statements!

I am happy.

I choose to be happy.

Happiness finds me in unexpected ways.

I am perfectly healthy.

My body is capable of healing itself.

My skin is clear and blemish free.

My hair is long and healthy and growing at a fast rate.

I am strong.

I am fit.

I am toned.

I am lean.

I put on muscle easily.

I lose fat easily.

I lose weight easily.

It is safe for me to release my extra weight as I no longer need it for my protection.

I am my perfect weight and my perfect shape.

I nourish my body with the best of foods.

Food is my fuel.

I move my body every single day.

Working out comes easy to me.

I am determined.

I am driven.

I am focused.

I am clear on my goals.

I am kind.

I am compassionate. 

I am thoughtful.

I am patient.

I am loved.

I am a good wife.

I am a good friend.

I am a good person.

 I am a good listener.

 I am courageous.

I am brave.

I am fearless.

I step outside of comfort zones.

I am intelligent.

I am smart.

I retain information easily.

I am knowledgeable.

I am the BEST at what I do.

I am professional.

I am well-spoken.

I am organized.

I am worthy and deserving.

I am enough.

Everything is working out perfectly for me.

Everything always works out for me.

Everything is happening for me.

I am inviting and attracting new clients into my life on a daily basis.

I am inviting and attracting money energy into my life on a daily basis.

I am inviting and attracting the right people and the right opportunities into my life on a daily basis.

I am living my dream life.

Abundance has found me in every area of my life.

I match the energy of abundance.

I match the energy of wealth.

I am beautiful.

I love the skin I’m in.

I love the shape of my body.

I love the way I look in the mirror.

I love everything about myself.

I love myself.

Money flows easily and effortlessly into my life on a daily basis.

What is desired by me is destined for me.

Wealth is my birthrite.

The more fun I have, the more money I make.

It is safe for me to be a wildly wealthy and successful woman.

I am comfortable receiving large amounts of wealth.

Whatever money I spend comes back to me tenthfold.

I am inspiring.

I am motivating.

I am encouraging.

I am empowering.

I am relatable.

I am personable.

People are attracted to my energy.

People want to work with me.

Today is going to be a great day.

There you have it babe- over 75 affirmations that I personally say EVERY SINGLE DAY! I hope this post and list helps inspire you to begin incorporating affirmations into your own life on a daily basis.

Remember, repetition is key- so choose a couple to start and focus on making it a continuous practice. Then, once you are more comfortable, you can start to add more on or tackle additional areas!

You can also checkout my video HERE that I made to explain this topic as well.

Best of luck babe- I can’t wait to hear what kind of magic you create in your own life!


Brianne xx

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