An easy hack to choose safe skin care products

Skincare products are often something I like to discuss with my clients, especially if we are trying to resolve or improve any symptoms they are experiencing.

And while it’s something that we ALL use every single day- it’s not something we often talk about.

Today’s post won’t be going into all the details on why this is important or the effects of toxin overload, but rather I will be sharing a tool for you to utilize to determine how ‘safe’ the products you are currently using are.

Let’s dive in!

Why choose non-toxic skincare products?

You might not know this, but your skin is your LARGEST organ.

That’s right- it’s an organ. Meaning it offers something incredibly valuable to our body and is crucial to our survival.

This goes further than just ‘keeping us together’ or ‘keeping our insides inside us’- though those things are important too! But, our skin actually plays a huge part of the detoxification and immunity roles of our body.

The truth is, our skin absorbs EVERYTHING. And being that it has such a large surface area (as well as an incredibly wide range of products used on it)- it makes it wise to choose the cleanest products possible.

Just think of all the things we use on a regular basis like soap, shampoo, conditioner, chapstick, lotion, cleanser, toner, exfoliant, body wash, makeup, deodorant, sunscreen, perfume and more. And that doesn’t even include our cleaning supplies, laundry detergent or food sources!

In reality, the potential for toxin overload is quite high, and that in turn can cause a lot of unwanted symptoms and conditions- which again, is why it is so important to reduce the amount we are exposed to on a daily basis.

An easy tool I use:

I started changing out a lot of the products I was using starting roughly five years ago. But, the change took time, and I didn’t do it all at once.

No, instead, just like I do with food, I adopted a ‘use and replace‘ mentality with changing out products. Meaning I first used up a product I wanted to replace, and then when shopping, I would then choose something better.

This way of thinking is a lot easier on your pocketbook (and stress levels)- plus the waste is a lot less as you aren’t just throwing out everything you currently have.

Furthermore, some of the products you might be using right now could very well be good, so throwing them out wouldn’t make sense.

Anyways, an easy hack I use to determine the ‘clean’ rating of a product, was developed by the Environmental Working Group or EWG for short. What they have is an actual rating system that lets you know if a product is safe or dangerous.

You can access this by visiting their website or downloading their app.

Basically, you can start by inputting the product name or brand name, and if it is already in the system you will be able to find the aligned information. However, if it hasn’t yet been added, you can actually enter the ingredients of your product manually, and it will give you an estimated rating based off of that!

Super cool, right?!

I have used this tool quite a bit with different products to ensure they are safe for me and your family, and if you’re looking to make some switches, I recommend trying it out too.

Some of the products I currently use:

Here’s a brief list of some of the products I am currently using (with links to their sites). This list is not exhaustive, but hopefully it helps to give you an idea of some of the things I use!


Face Lotion






There you have it babe! A quick rundown of how to choose less toxic products for yourself and your family. I hope this tool helps make the process a little easier for you!


You can also check out my video HERE that I made to explain this subject as well.

Best of luck babe!



Brianne xx

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