Are you living in victim mentality?

Do you trust fully in the fact that you are on the right path?

That what you want will come at the right time?

And that everything is happening for you, not too you?

I do now.
But here’s the thing- I didn’t always.

In fact, I very much was the opposite.
I believed the opposite.
I was sure that everything was happening to me.

I even used to joke for years that if it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all.

And guess what?

Years later I realize that I was suffering with a very serious condition back then called ‘Victim Mentality’.

You’ve probably heard of it- heck, you might have even had it yourself!

This condition has the following serious, life altering symptoms:
➡️ You frequently complain (or maybe even whine) about all the things that are going wrong in your life.
➡️ In your eyes, nothing ever seems to go right for you.
➡️ You often feel frustrated, angry, upset, annoyed, overwhelmed and even fearful.
➡️ You don’t believe you have ‘good’ luck.
➡️ You believe that there is no reason to go after what you want in this life because the possibility of it happening is slim.
➡️ You talk about your struggles more than you talk about your wins.
➡️ You seek out and surround yourself with negative energy in any form- friends, social media posts, news articles and more.
➡️ You wake up feeling tired and uninspired.
➡️ You believe you got dealt a bad card in this life.
➡️ You think money is hard to come by.
➡️ You think dreams only come from hard work and sacrifice.

And the list goes on…

Perhaps something on this list stood out for you- or maybe all of them did! And that’s okay. Because if I’m being honest, I personally have experienced everything listed above.

Coming from a long history of different traumas, I developed a very poor mindset at a very young age. And let me tell you- that shit is toxic.

Looking back now I can really see how much that affected me, in so many ways and in every area of my life.

The most recent realization came from a big challenge we’ve faced over the last 3+ years, and how I was able to deal with it so effortlessly and healthfully.

As you’ve likely seen on social media or on one of my previous emails, hubby and I just recently announced the launch of a brand new business for us! We are bringing a 100% plant-based and 100% gluten-free food truck to Edmonton this year, called Guilt Free Eats, where healthy food is our guarantee!

We are absolutely elated with this announcement- and I couldn’t be more excited to combine my passions of recipe creation, cooking and nutrition education. We also have SUCH a good feeling about this and deep down inside, I just KNOW that this is going to be a successful venture.

But, guess what?

Starting our business was NOT as easy as it may have come across. In fact, it was a big challenge and we had a lot of road blocks along the way.

You see, we actually planned to start our food truck last year, in 2019. At that point, we were ready. We found a truck we loved, and we were jumping in feet first. I invested about a month worth of my time just drawing up our business plan- doing market research, pricing out ingredients, creating our menu, figuring out the exact prices of a single serving and deciding what we would charge.

I had poured my heart, soul and even a few tears into that proposal.

Then, we started to make bank appointments.

We didn’t just have one.
We didn’t have two.


We had FIVE.


Denial after denial kept rolling in- the banks just didn’t have an appetite for food trucks and didn’t want to take on the risk. ‘Apparently’ there were a lot of trucks that defaulted the previous year, and it was directly impacting us. 😞

So, by our fifth and final meeting last year, when it sounded as if financing was FINALLY going to happen- the unthinkable happened.

The truck that we had based our ENTIRE business plan on, sold.

Which means we needed to go back to SQUARE ONE, finding a new truck, and creating a whole new business plan.

At this point, it was almost June, and we were too late into the season to start all over again.

I could have been overwhelmed, frustrated and angry at this point and chose to scrap the whole idea- but I didn’t. Instead, we made a conscious decision to take a pause, and reproach the idea in January of 2020.

Flash forward to this year- we found another truck. A 1999, with a low asking price. It suited our needs perfectly, and we were stoked! So, we started approaching banks again- only to discover, there was still NOT an appetite for food trucks. To top it off, they wouldn’t even consider the truck we chose unless we had an appraisal done- which the owner wasn’t willing to do.

I took this as a ‘sign from the universe’ that the 1999 was not the way to go, and we were being protected in some way from a future challenge. Who knows- maybe the 1999 would have broken down on us in our first year of business, and then where would we be?

Next, we had the idea to custom build a truck. We went through a couple of different companies before we found someone who actually did high quality work. After we selected all of the things we wanted and needed in a truck, we got the quote back.

$141,000 for a truck that wasn’t new.


We were lost at this point. That’s a big investment, and although we know it’s worth it- we had a vision of paying off our loan in just a couple years, and we didn’t want to let that go.

How could something we wanted so bad, be such a challenge to achieve?

How could we be hitting so many road blocks?

How could we be getting so many no’s?

Again, at this point, I could have entered into my past commonality of believing I was a victim- but I was doing everything in my power to be as positive as I could.

And suddenly, another unthinkable happened.

Out of NOWHERE, a 2006 food truck popped up on our radar, just south of Calgary. Thinking ‘why not’, we shot the owner a message explaining the issue with financing and explaining that we were interested in his truck.

To which he responded, ‘what if we do a lease for this year, with an option to buy at the end of the contract?’. 😳🤯 Not only did this allow to completely SKIP financing- it meant that we could get started, immediately!

Of course we jumped on the opportunity, and now we have the food truck in our possession, with our business FINALLY being a go this year.

I truly believe that this was all intended- the universe had a divine plan for us with this business venture and this was exactly how it was meant to be. The other options weren’t suited to us and we likely would have ended up with a much bigger headache had we forced them to happen.

This opportunity seemed to just fall into our laps, with all of the puzzle pieces connecting so beautifully. And had I been experiencing and embracing all of those ‘symptoms’ or ‘emotions’ I mentioned above, it likely wouldn’t have ended up this way- working out so perfectly.

Noticing this change in my mindset and beliefs is a huge one for me, and it shows that all of the ‘effort’ I’ve been putting in is actually doing something.

I guess my point of all this is this:

It is important to realize that a dream deferred is not a dream denied.

Challenges happen.
Road blocks appear.
Things come up.

How we deal or respond to them is key.

We are limitless beings, living in a limitless world, with limitless opportunities.

Everything is ALWAYS working out for us.

Whatever is going on in your world- good or bad, it is getting you to exactly where you need to be, to be able to be your best self.

So again I’ll repeat:

A dream deferred is NOT a dream denied.

Trust in the Universe.
Trust in the process.
Trust in divine timing.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is coming to you at the exact moment you need it.

Have faith, and focus on flipping your mindset.

Because you’re on the verge of a breakthrough, guaranteed.

Wishing you all the best in this world.


Brianne xo

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