This is an alternative holistic technique to remove ear wax or other impurities from the inner ear. It is completed using a hollow ‘candle’ that is inserted into the tip of the ear canal, while the other end of the tube is lit. As the candle burns, the smoke goes down into the ear canal, acting like a vacuum and pulling the ear wax back up into the tube.

The process is fast (takes about 15 minutes per ear), painless, safe and effective. Here at The Holistic RN & Co., we take proper precautions to ensure that any risks are drastically minimized or eliminated, and encourage you to always seek out a trained professional for any holistic treatment. Ear candling should never be performed on one’s self.

The benefits and experiences with candling are personal, individual and unique. Although we do not claim that it will cure any disease or ailment, the following are some benefits that have previously been experienced:

  • Removal of excess ear wax
  • Improved hearing
  • Relief from chronic earaches and infections
  • Relief from sinus congestion and allergies
  • Fewer coughs, colds and flu symptoms
  • Less ringing in the ears
  • Relief from “swimmer’s ear” and itching
  • Improved balance and less dizziness and nausea
  • Relief from pressure and/or popping in the ears when changing altitudes
  • Improved breathing and may reduce snoring
  • More acute taste and smell
  • Fewer headaches and migraines
  • Less cleaning and servicing of hearing aids

This treatment is not recommended for anyone with a recently ruptured ear drum or a recent eye/nose/throat/ear surgery. If you have any questions on if this treatment is right for you, please contact us directly.


Curious to know where your overall health is currently sitting? It’s always a good idea to establish a baseline of your ‘internal numbers’ so that you/we can keep track of any changes that occur.

An independent testing appointment includes measuring vital signs, cholesterol panel, blood glucose, body metrics, waist circumference, circle of life wheel, and cardiovascular risk score. This service does NOT include a consultation.

Body metrics include:
• Weight
• Body Water
• Subcutaneous Fat
• Muscle Rate
• Visceral Fat Index
• Fat Mass
• Protein Mass
• Metabolic Age
• Standard Weight

A Circle of Life Wheel is a closer look at your lifestyle factors or primary food, as we like to call it. This is an exercise to see how ‘full’ your circle is, meaning how satisfied/happy you are with the 12 main areas of life. These include Relationships, Career, Finances, Education, Spirituality, Creativity, Social Life, Joy, Health, Physical Activity, Home Cooking and Home Environment.

A Cardiovascular Risk Score is an assessment to see what is the likelihood of a cardiovascular episode (stroke, heart attack, etc.) occurring in the next ten years. This is factored by your age, cholesterol, and blood pressure, and whether or not you smoke or have diabetes.

All results are collected during the Testing Appointment by the nurse, and then discussed in length with you to ensure that you understand where you are sitting, and what your results are.


Are you experiencing migraines, constipation or skin rashes? Do you suspect you might have an intolerance? Intolerance testing uses a sample of your hair to determine your sensitivity to up to 900 food and non-food items.

Intolerance testing tests food items including everyday foods and common fridge items, and non-food items such as pets and pollens. Testing includes an extensive analysis for gut biome, digestive health, hormonal imbalances as well as nutritional deficiencies and common metal sensitivities.

This test only requires a small hair sample which can be collected from the comfort of your own home! Unlike blood and urine tests which can be affected by recent food intake or stress, hair testing is unaffected by the tested person’s most recent activity and is able to assess one’s health covering a much longer period of time.

Testing kits are available for purchase in the clinic, or you can place your order online to have the kit mailed to you directly. From the point of sending off your sample, results generally take 1.5 weeks to come back.

We offer a testing analysis as an additional purchase to discuss the results documentation you receive back with a certified coach. This testing analysis walks you through the results step by step, so that you can feel confident knowing which steps to take first. In addition, this analysis includes a full recap email, which summarizes the document, provides additional resources and walks you through each step from start to finish.

As an alternate option, we also offer a mini-program with the purchase of the testing kit, which you can find more information on HERE.


Before jumping into a long-term program, we require a consultation to be booked with whichever coach you are interested in working with. The purpose of this session is to clarify your goals and what is currently going on for you, and for you to develop a deeper understanding of what our programs entail, what our style of coaching is, and how we can help you.

In addition, we use this initial consultation to make sure we are a right fit for each other. Not everyone that approaches us will fit our coaching style, and we only take on clients that will benefit from working with us.

We begin with a 50-minute initial health consultation completed online via zoom OR a 90-minute initial health consultation completed in-person at our clinic. Please note that in-person appointments include a full testing appointment, whereas online appointments include a doctor referral letter for these items to be completed.

During this session we discuss your goals and what’s currently lighting you up or holding you back in life. What do your relationships look like? Is your career fulfilling? What is your relationship with food? Are you experiencing happiness in your life? How do you see yourself?

At the end, we will ultimately decide if we are a good fit for each other, and let you know how we can help- as well as what program structure we would recommend for you moving forward.

Should you choose to sign up for one of our programs following the initial consultation, your consultation fee will be applied to your program total. Please note that our services are able to be reimbursed under a ‘Health Spending Account’ with your insurance, and we will provide an official receipt for reimbursement following your appointment.

This consultation is not a commitment to the program.

Fees are applied as follows:
• Child Consultation (up to 12 years old) *does not include testing appointment* $75
• Adolescent Consultation (13-17 years old) Student Coach $89
• Adult Consultation (18+) Student Coach $89 Expert Coach $150


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