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6 weeks to a brand new ‘YOU’


If there is one question I get asked a lot, it’s how do we get out of the ‘diet/binge’ cycle, get better will power and actually see sustainable change.


Listen, I get it.


It can be so easy to judge ourselves on all the things we think we are doing ‘wrong’, and think that better will power is the answer.


Reality check babe:
It’s not YOU that is the problem. The reason you are not seeing results is because of the old, stale belief the fitness industry created, which is this:

“There is a right and a wrong way to do things.”


Health isn’t a one size fits all & there is no magic pill, fix or secret.


Sustainable change doesn’t come from following a strict, restrictive plan- it comes from creating a LIFESYTLE that works FOR YOU.

Tired of living

the same year?

One of the biggest struggles most of us face, is follow-through.


How many times have you…

Set your New Years goals, only to have them fall apart shortly after?

Had something unexpected occur that completely derailed your plans?

Said that THIS is the year I finally get my life sorted out?



Hi, my name is Brianne

I am a registered nurse,
holistic nutritionist, certified
health coach, and your
biggest cheerleader. 
I’ve been on my own
wellness journey for quite
sometime, and with that,
I have personally
experienced everything
from healing childhood
trauma to overcoming
massive health scares- and
even losing 50 pounds.

And my goal, is to fast track your results for you.

Now I may not know
exactly where you are in
your journey, or exactly
what  you are dealing with,
but I know this much
to be true:



And I want nothing more than
for you to have exactly that. 
A life where you can be your happiest, healthiest
and most authentic self.

It's time that you became unapologetically you.


The biggest difference between me and any other coach, is that I combine my personal experience with medical knowledge and a holistic approach.


I truly believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to health and wellness. Each of our bodies is built so uniquely different- and we require very different things to be at our best.


What works for myself, your best friend or your mom won’t necessarily work for you. And that’s okay! Your journey is unique to you, and I’m here to help you create a lifestyle you love that works for you- instead of one that doesn’t resonate with you.


As your guide, I use my past experience and current knowledge to help you figure out what you really want out of life, and what tools will help you get there.

Are you ready to radically transform your life?

Introducing the 2021 Balanced & Beautiful 6 Week Group Coaching Program


Guidance with creating a

daily self care routine to promote

self love, appreciation, and


Mindfulness practices to

manage stress and anxiety,

such as meditation, journaling,

daily gratitude and yoga.

Delicious healthy recipes

and a customizable weekly

meal plan to help you develop a

loving relationship with food.

Structured, weekly workout

plans with body-weight exercises,

so that you can workout anytime,


Sustainable steps to improve

every area of your life including

sleep, energy, vitality, mood and


Deeper connections, a passion

for life, and a new-found desire

to be the best version of you

every day.

Realistic goal setting to help you

go after your goals with precision,

and learning to celebrate your

accomplishments along the way.

An empowering and loving

support system to raise you up,

encourage you, and hold you

accountable to your goals.


#1. Initial-baseline and end-program testing of cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, life-satisfaction, and body measurements to track progress throughout program duration.

Value: $200.

#2. Structured (and customizable) weekly workout schedules and weekly meal prep schedules.

Value: $450.

#3. Email support and guidance with me (the coach/registered nurse) throughout the program’s duration.

Value: Priceless.

#4. Themed, strategic weekly modules with corresponding workbooks/homework to educate you and keep you accountable.

Value: $600.

#5. A variety of online resources, handouts and recipes to help support you in achieving your goals.

Value: Priceless.

#6. Weekly 60-90 minute group accountability/Q+A video calls.

Value: $750.

#7. Access to a private Facebook group where members can offer each other support, accountability and motivation to reach their goals.

Value: Priceless.

#8. Plus one 30-minute private 1:1 coaching call with me during the program to ensure you remain on track and any questions are answered.

Value: $100.


Creating a life you love doesn’t have to be hard.

Take control of your year, your health and your happiness by signing up for the 2021 Balanced & Beautiful 6 week coaching program.

Your future self will thank you





$250 x 3 = $750


$125 x 6 = $750

Fill out the following form to start your registration process,

and I will be in touch with the initial program documents!


Q- “Can you explain the pricing in more detail?”


For this round, you can access the entire program for just $599. However, if one lump sum payment doesn’t work for you and your budget, there are two payment plans available.

Bi-weekly Payment Plan: You would make a total of 6x $125 payments, with the first payment occurring upon registration, and the remaining payments occurring on: November 1st, November 15th, November 29th, December 13th, & December 27th. The total for this payment plan is $750.

Monthly Payment Plan: You would make a total of 3x $250 payments, with the first payment occurring upon registration, and the remaining payments occurring on November 1st and December 1st. The total for this payment plan is $750.

Paying upfront for the entire program cost gifts you

with a savings of $150.

Payments can be made via credit card OR via e-transfer. Upon completion of payment, you will receive a receipt that can be billed through your Health Spending Account.

Q- “You mentioned you’re able to provide receipts. What does that mean exactly and why does that help me?”


As I am a self-employed nursing practice, I am able to provide you a receipt for any services- including enrollment in this program.

That means, if you have a Health Spending Account under your health insurance (which a lot of people do that they aren’t utilizing), you can submit my receipts to receive money back.

This can ultimately save you money, and offers a lot of people who otherwise couldn’t afford my services the opportunity to work with me.

Q- “I’d really love to join this program, but I am not local. How can I sign up if I won’t be able to do the initial testing with you?”


Not a problem at all! This program has been created to run virtually.

The testing isn’t required (although I would encourage it), so you do have the ability to opt out of it. However, for anyone not local, I do provide a referral letter for your doctor so you can have them complete the testing, with a request for the results to be sent to me directly.

That way, we can still measure your results for the program.

Q- “I’m not sure if this program would be a good fit for me… and therefore I’m hesitant to sign up. What should I do?”


The only person who can make the decision on whether or not this program is a good fit for you, is ultimately you.

This program is only a good fit for you if you are really truly ready to make changes in your life. I want every woman who joins us to be actively seeking change because she deserves it.

As I only have six weeks to provide all of my education, tools and guidance, you will not be a good fit for this program if you’re not 100% ready for transformation.

However, if you feel a strong connection to it, then I would say that YES, this program is for you.

Q- “In terms of the program itself, what if I can’t make the group accountability calls when a time is chosen?”


Not to worry! The group accountability/Q&A calls are recorded and emailed to each participant following their completion. So even if you’re unable to make them live, you’ll be able to watch the recording and get the exact same benefit!

Q- “In terms of the program itself, what if I’m already on a specific workout regime or I eat a certain way? Will I have to completely change what I’m doing?”


Heck no! As you’ll soon learn, I strongly believe that each of our bodies is built uniquely different, meaning we require different things.

In addition, we all have preferences on what we like or don’t like, and what works best for our own lifestyle.

I’ve created the weekly workout schedules and meal plans to be both structured (so if you need full guidance it’s available for you), but also totally customizable (so that you can make it work for you and your life)!

Whether you’re brand new to fitness and nutrition, or you’re in the process of learning and just need more accountability, this program can help you get there.

Lets get started!



Hi, I’m Brianne

Here at The Holistic RN you’ll find a place where holistic healing and western medicine come together to create a brand new way of looking at your health- including real food recipes, easy to understand information and overflowing inspiration. Let’s get started!

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