Big Announcement: We’re Moving!

We’re moving! Well, sort of…

Everyone you meet always asks if you have a career, are married or own a house, as if life was some kind of grocery list. But no ever asks you if you are happy” – Heath Ledger

Woah, do I ever feel this.

It’s 2021. We have come so far and achieved so much in the last 100, 50, even just 10 years… so how is it that we put more value and importance in materialistic items or traditional values, instead of our happiness?

Life isn’t a grocery list. It’s not a check-off box. It doesn’t contain a standardized list of do’s and don’ts. And you sure as hell aren’t locked into any decision, any path, anything. You CAN change your mind at any point in time.

It’s important to realize that you can be married, have a career, own a house, etc…. and be completely miserable. Similarly, you can be single, childless, own nothing and spend your life jumping from ‘job to job’…. and you could be the happiest person on this earth.

We need to stop judging each other. Stop questioning the actions of others. Stop assuming everyone else is on the ‘same page’ as us and holds the same values. Life looks completely different for every single one of us, and we have no idea the challenges/traumas/battles others have faced that have lead them down this path. Self-care/self-love is SO freaking important and there is a reason I am so passionate about going after the things that make your heart incredibly happy.

Primary food (our lifestyle factors) and our satisfaction/happiness in each of those areas is what determines where we sit on our wellness journey. You can be the ‘healthiest’ person anyone knows- working out every day, eating your greens, drinking your juice, etc.- but if you are in a toxic relationship or a career you hate, your health will eventually suffer because of it. No amount of ‘things’ will ever be enough in this lifetime if you aren’t happy.

Your HAPPINESS is a priority- every day, above all else, always.

This lesson is one that so many fail to realize, and one that many realize but never act on.

And today, I’m excited to announce that hubby and I are FINALLY acting on ours. We have decided to sell our house and everything we own to live the minimalist/nomad lifestyle moving forward!

Now, if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll likely note that this announcement sounds familiar- and it should! Originally hubby and I had made this decision back in August of 2019. We planned to have everything sold by spring of 2020… and then COVID hit, which completely derailed our plans.

We’ve been waiting, wishing, hoping for a second opportunityand it is finally here!

Our plan is to list our house in a week’s time, selling it privately, and work through listing everything we own for sale over the next six weeks. We hope to be out of our house by September 1st, and then will spend the two months following living in our travel trailer.

Once November comes, our food truck season will be over and we will be past our final non-profit gala- so we will then place our food truck and travel trailer in storage, and hop on a plane to spend the winter travelling.

Our first stop is going to be Nicaragua, and then from there, we don’t know!

We might come back in spring and work our food truck season again, or we might stay abroad and hire someone to work our truck for us. We’re not rushing the decision or trying to figure everything out right now- we’re just taking it day by day and seeing where it takes us.

We are excited and nervous… but most importantly, happy.

We are ready to let go fully, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard or doesn’t make us sad. Because it is and it does. It just means we are stepping outside of our comfort zone, choosing happiness above all else, and moving into a space of love, connection, and the unknown.

Things are about to get crazy good- and I’m so excited to bring you all along for the journey!

I promise to keep you all updated.


Brianne xx

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