Creating a Possibility List: One simple way to radically improve your life

Creating a Possibility List: One simple method to create more time in your day, and radically improve your life

Imagine for a moment, that you are granted you a gift of unlimited time.


What would you use this time to accomplish?

What would you do?

Who would you be?

Where would you go?


The truth is, the options available to you would be limitless. There is nothing that you couldn’t achieve with limitless time- the world would be your fingertips.


Time… something we all at one point have wished we had more of.


But here is the thing about time- we ALL have the exact same 24 hours in a day.

So how is it that some people with enormous commitments are succeeding so seamlessly (as it appears), and yet some of us are struggling to just get through each day?


I believe the answer is this: it is all about perception.


Now, recently I have been dabbling in learning more about the big LOA- or law of attraction, as it is better known. And if you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that when I first started reading about it I was quite skeptical. Diving in deeper, I’ve come to realize that it is as real as the law of gravity- leading me to experience the effects first hand.

Ps. If you haven’t read ‘The Secret’ yet… well, I highly recommend you do.


Anywho- perception.


What we know about the law of attraction is this: whatever energy you put out into the world, you will get back (often tenfold).


So guess what? If you are constantly perceiving that you do NOT have enough time, and you are often complaining that you do NOT have enough time, and you are stating things like:

-> I don’t know how I am going to get all of this done.
-> There just isn’t enough hours in the day.
-> I’m running out of time to get things done.
-> I’m stressed out because I don’t have the time to do this.
-> Time is always playing against me.


Or, whatever similar statement it might be…


Well, you are then sending a signal out to the Universe (or whatever/whoever it is that you believe in):

That you WANT to have LESS time.

That you LIKE having LESS time.

That you are BEGGING for LESS time.


And guess what happens then?


Well, then you get granted EXACTLY what you wished for. LESS time.


Perception is EVERYTHING when it comes to mindset- not just about time but about everything in our lives. The Universe cannot tell the difference between what you want and what you don’t– all it knows is to send you back the EXACT vibration of energy that you are sending out.

Whatever you are focusing on in your mind, whether it is positive or negative, that is exactly what you are going to get back.


So time? Well, time doesn’t like to be treated badly. And by constantly thinking in these ways and focusing on a ‘lack mentality’, you are disrespecting time. And why on earth would it want to give you more when you are treating it poorly?


Realizing this in my own life was a HUGE awakening.


As I’ve mentioned before, when I was first told that I was the only person responsible for my struggles, well, that was a something I was NOT happy to hear- especially in regards to time.

I mean, how can I be personally responsible for TIME?


Regardless, I swallowed the annoyance I felt with that statement and instead decided to try an experiment (recently, in fact).

For a week’s time I would be aware of my vocabulary and change the way I spoke about time. Seemed simple enough.


So, I said things like:

‘I always have enough time.’
‘I have more than enough time to get things done.’
‘Time is always on my side.’
And ‘time has my back.’


And after just a week of changing my vocabulary and being aware of my actions, I started to notice a few key things:

-> I was claiming I didn’t have enough time, yet I was watching 4-6 (or sometimes more) hours of television each day.
-> I was complaining that there wasn’t enough hours in the day, yet I was frequently lost in the ‘aimless scrolling’ of social media for exceptionally long periods of time.
-> I felt rushed all day long and had high levels of anxiety, yet I left EVERYTHING to the last minute.
-> I was filling my day with things I didn’t want to do or could have delegated, and yet wondering why the things that mattered in my life and business weren’t getting done.
-> I often felt like ‘I worked so hard all day long’, yet never got ANYTHING done.



I really WAS responsible for my lack of time.


Therefore, I realized that something had to be done.

How could I be wasting all of this precious time throughout the day? I was either totally distracted (and never getting anything done), OR I was working hard on a bunch of a different tasks at once (and never getting anything done), OR I was spending my precious time on things that did not serve me (and never getting anything I wanted to do done).


So instead of feeling frustrated, annoyed, angry, ashamed, anxious or guilty- I gave myself some clarity.


I asked myself:

What DO I want to get done?
What CAN I do to set myself up for success?
What DO I want to spend my time doing?
What are all the things that I want to learn, achieve, try or do?


And so, I created what I like to call, a possibility list.


What is a possibility list you might ask?

Well, a possibility list is basically a ‘brain dump’ of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you have wanted to do, learn, try, achieve, etc.- but never have because ‘you never had enough time’.


Yes it’s scary.
Yes it’s tough.
Yes it’s eye opening.

And yes, it’s exactly what I needed (and what I am guessing you need to).


Here is an example of what I came up with in my most recent COVID-19 edition:

– Finish and implement BSchool course (the business course I signed up for)
– Finish the meditation/mindfulness course I signed up for MONTHS ago
– Re-learn and practice how to do my makeup better
– Help my hair become longer, stronger and healthier
– Improve the appearance of my skin
– Get in the best shape of my life
– Experiment with new recipes instead of eating the same thing every week
– Create new recipes for my blog
– Host a wellness challenge
– Upgrade my website
– Complete all tasks to get our new business (Guilt Free Eats) 100% operational
– Start a small organic garden
– Declutter and organize my home
– Start the home renos we keep saying we need to do
– Read all the personal development books I have sitting here at home
– Organize my laptop files
– Create a list of future courses I want to take
– Learn how to do a cuter, messy bun
– Increase my flexibility
– Learn some new dance moves with hubby
– Organize the photos on my phone into albums


Truth be told, I was actually blown away by how many things I came up with.


After completing this activity and seeing how much it has changed my life and the lives of my clients, I honestly believe creating a possibility list is the absolute BEST thing you can do for your mindset.


This ‘brain dump’ was also the number one thing that pulled me out of a recent ‘pity party’ with the pandemic when I was butting heads with time.


And the things on my list above? Ya, most of them have been on my list for YEARS– and in a short few weeks since creating this list, I am happy to say I have completed a good handful, and I am currently working on more of them!


But the biggest shocker? Literally NOTHING else changed in my life.

I didn’t get more time in the day.
I didn’t have a huge change in my schedule.
And I didn’t get time off.


Literally, all that changed was my mindset.

How I perceive time.
How I speak about time.
How I think about time.
And how I now CHOOSE to utilize my time.


Therefore I encourage you to sit down today and create your very own possibility list. It might just surprise you how much you want to do, and inspire you to actually do it.


Lots of love,

Brianne xo

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