How to release the energy of others

Over the past year I have been diving head first into the world of spirituality and learning everything I can about what exactly energy is, how to balance it, use it to our advantage, and most importantly, how to release it when it is unwanted or not needed.

And although I am by no means an expert- I have personally experienced tremendous growth over the course of the past year where I can truly say without a doubt, I no longer recognize the person that I was in early 2020.

I remember it like it was yesterday- I scheduled my first reiki session for February 2020. I was excited more than anything- and unsure of what to expect. I wanted to try as many alternate shifting tools as possible so that I could personally tell my clients what they are like when assisting them with their own wellness journey.

I walked in eager and open. And what happened in that 60 minute session I will forever describe as ‘life changing’. In that single session I realized how little I knew about my body, how little I had healed from my past trauma, and how much work I had ahead of me.

Walking out of that session, I became obsessed (in a healthy way) with self-improvement on a deeper level… a spiritual level. From there, book after book, podcast after podcast, course after course- I began to understand what the word energy really means and heal a lifetime of trauma.

More importantly, I grew to know myself and realized that I am a true empath. Meaning, I often take on and absorb the feelings/emotions/energies of others (which makes a lot of sense in my practice). And upon realizing this, I began to learn how to protect my own energy, and how to release the energy of others so that I am not taking that on too.

Perhaps your like me and are an empath through and through- or perhaps you are a healer of some nature. Or maybe, you’ve just come to recognize that you are sensitive to the energy of others and want to strengthen your own aura to keep yourself safe. 

Whatever the reason, I hope that you find value in today’s post, and that at least one of these tips I share (which are all things I personally do), help to serve you in some way.

Let’s get started! xx

What is energy?

This is a loaded question and not one that has an easy answer. However, the most simple answer is this: everything is energy. You, I, and every single person, plant, insect, animal and thing on this planet is energy.

We are all made up of tiny, microscopic, vibrating atoms. And it is said, that if you were to compare the size of the ’empty space’ (aka energy) between each of these atoms to the size of the atoms themselves- the space between makes up roughly 99% of us.

Meaning: we are 99% empty space (aka energy).

Now because the atoms of every person and every thing on this planet are vibrating- that means that we are sending off vibrations of energy at all times.

Think of the sayings like ‘you could cut the tension in that room with a knife‘ or ‘I could feel her eyes burning daggers in me‘. Or what about when you have a loved one, be it a friend, family member or partner, and you can FEEL a shift in their energy. Whether they are happy, sad, angry, stressed, frustrated- you can just tell.

Why is that?

Well, that is because that particular person is sending out a vibration of their energy into the world and you are picking up on it. 

How can the energy of others effect you?

With every person on this planet emulating the energy of their emotional state at all times, it can become an energy cluster. And if you’re an empath, a healer, or someone who is just sensitive to the energy of others- it can be VERY overwhelming.

No longer are you just aware of the energetic state of others- but now you are actually absorbing it or taking it on, which can become a problem for your own health in all aspects.

In addition, we tend to mimic those around us without even realizing it- an effect called the Law of Mirrors. Generally we surround ourselves with those who are an energetic match to us whether this is positive or negative.

If we tend to be surrounded by those who are energy ‘suckers’ or ‘vampires’, we can often feel drained and burnt out. If we tend to be surrounded by those with toxic energy, we can often feel quite negative in our own outlook. And similarly, if we tend to be surrounded by those who are ‘high vibe’, we will likely be in a better place and have a more positive outlook.


Take a look at your own life for just a minute.

Are there people in your life who fit into each of these categories?

Is there anyone who after interacting with them you feel drained and cranky?

Is there anyone who you dread seeing because you know that they lower your mood?

Is there anyone who you get excited to see, that lights you up and raises your energy levels?


These are all ways that the energy of other people can impact you and your health.

How do you protect your own energy?

Absorbing the energy of others isn’t always a ‘bad’ thing. As I mentioned above with the Law of Mirrors, absorbing the high vibrational energy of others can be a really great thing. Feeding off this positive energy of others can encourage us to dig deep, show up better, and be more productive overall

It’s only the more negative, toxic, or draining type of energy that is one to be cautious of.

The first step to protecting your own energy is just to create some awareness around yourself, your own life and the people around you. Utilize the questions above and tap into this- what types of energetic states feel good to you and improve your own mood/mindset, and which ones bring your vibration down?

Sometimes simply putting up boundaries or utilizing the tools below can help with this- and other times, you may find that you need to eliminate certain relationships or connections from your inner field. 

There is nothing wrong with this, and although it can be hard, it can sometimes be the best thing for us. Ultimately only you can make this decision for yourself and recognize if distance is the best way to feel relief.

Putting up boundaries can mean that they are emotional and invisible– or they can be actually verbalized in that you voice them to someone else. 

For instance, you may choose to say out loud to yourself or in your own mind before or during conversations with certain people ‘I do not accept these thoughts or emotions as my own‘.

Or, you may choose to simply say something to them like ‘I am working hard to heal some past trauma within myself right now, and with that, I am being very conscious of the energy that I surround myself with. I want to be upfront and honest with you that I still value our friendship, but energetically I do not have the space right now to work through this problem with you. Is there someone else you can discuss this with?’

Setting up boundaries can be a huge part of protecting your own energy.

Outside of boundaries, utilizing tools to release the energy of others can also be a really great thing! Below I have shared some of my favourite ways to do this.

My personal favorite tools for this:

Below I am sharing with you a brief description of some of my favorite tools for both protecting your own energy and releasing unwanted energy. Each of these are things that I do on a fairly regular basis- and are something that I recommend you utilize.

Again, these are just a ‘few’ options- as there are literally endless shifting tools available to you. These just happen to be ones that I personally love. Before you choose your ‘go to’ or your own favorite, I want to encourage you to try them all and see how they work for you.

You might find that certain tools are better then others- and you might have your own favorites that you prefer to use. There is no right or wrong here- use whatever feels good to you and allows you to feel the most comfortable, safe and happy.

Here we go:

1. Screen Door Visualization– this is probably one of the easiest techniques and something I strongly recommend to all my fellow empaths and healers. I personally do this in every situation where I am working with a client or where I have someone venting their emotional state/energy onto me.

It’s really simple- basically, as they are talking you envision yourself as a screen door. Picture their energy flowing off of them and THROUGH you, being released for the both of you.

This is an extremely powerful concept, because normally, we tend to behave more like ‘sponges’, soaking up the energy of others and holding onto it as if it was our own. This is where a lot of the trouble lies, as holding onto energy that isn’t yours can manifest things like disease and illness.

I love using this for clients and family or friends, as I truly believe my empathy is a gift. By allowing their pains and frustrations to flow off of them and through me, I am releasing that energy for them, helping them lift their own burden and feel much lighter. And at the same time, I’m not allowing that energy to get stuck to me, but rather releasing it back into the universe for it to be dissolved.

2. Cord Cutting- this has quickly become a habitual nightly routine for me, and I actually only started utilizing it roughly 4 months ago. Upon working with a coach, we discovered how much the energy and emotions of others was weighing me down- and this suggestion came from her.

Before I began utilizing this, I wasn’t sleeping the best. The thoughts of the day would often keep me tossing and turning for hours before I fell asleep. After the first night of using this technique, I fell asleep almost instantly, and slept SO deep.

I have thus been using it every single night since then- and every single night I have been having an incredible sleep. This visualization is also super easy- and it takes only a few minutes before you’re snoring into your pillow.

How it works is this- when you are lying in your bed at the end of your day about to go to sleep, you simply close your eyes and visualize cords or ropes coming out of your body in all directions.

These cords symbolize the energy and attachment to anyone you came into contact with during your day. They could reflect emotions, feelings or thoughts, or perhaps certain circumstances or even things on your to-do list.

As you visualize these cords, you then will picture a beautiful, bright, glowing white light coming down from the highest point of the universe straight down to you. As this light reaches you, picture it touching the cords one-by-one, and as it does, the cord is cut and dissolves away.

Keep going through this visualization until the white light has completely surrounded you and there are no more cords present. Sometimes it helps to say to yourself, ‘I am letting this go for tonight, and if needed, I will come back to it tomorrow’.

This process is quick, and after you repeat it a few times, you might find that you are falling asleep even before you’ve cut all the cords! That’s okay, as it symbolizes that you are in a better balanced energetic state, and that you don’t have to release everything to feel relief.

Give this a go tonight, and let me know what changes you notice in your sleep!

3. Shaking- This has quickly become one of my newest favorite things to do, and as crazy as it is- it is SO much freaking fun. This technique is otherwise known as therapeutic tremoring and I have only JUST started to incorporate it.

The idea behind it is that energy can often become stagnant and get ‘stuck’ in the body. And releasing it on our own can sometimes be a challenge, unless we are having a professional do it for us (like I did with reiki).

Shaking helps us to release this stagnant energy and basically ‘shake it off’ of our body. It is a natural way to release anxiety and instantly calm us down.

If we look at an animal that has just experienced a life-threatening situation, we see them shake afterward. This is a natural occurrence in the animal kingdom, but we, as humans, have been conditioned to ignore this innate coping mechanism and pretend like we are just fine.

Often after massive traumatic events, we often see people go into a shock-like state, where they are shaking. And in this, we have been conditioned to believe that this means there is something wrong and that we need to ‘stop’ the shaking from happening, rather than allowing the body to release as it is trying too.

Therapeutic shaking helps to release tension and return the body back to a state of homeostasis, as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system (aka our rest and digest system), signaling our brain to relax and let go. It also helps to activate our lymphatic system, which helps the body get rid of toxins.

Just as it sounds, shaking is the practice of actively and vigorously shaking the body- preferably to a song that gets you moving. You can do this anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes a day, but if you’re new to it, one song will likely be more than enough to leave you out of breath and tap into this release.

4. Breathwork- I have been doing a form of breathwork, specifically ‘deep belly breathing’ for roughly eight months now, and I am IN LOVE. This form of breathwork is unlike anything else out there, and it can result in massive shifts quite rapidly.

It is the process of breathing in AND out through your mouth. As you breathe in, you are breathing 80% into your belly, and then the remaining 20% into your chest, ending by breathing out of your mouth. This practice is done for 30 minutes straight- and it best done following the guidance of an expert instructor.

I won’t spend too much time on this category as I am not *yet* a facilitator, but I do want to encourage you to check out either Pause Breathwork or Revelation Breathwork if you are interested in learning more or attending a class.

5. EFT- Otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘tapping’, this tool has recently become very popular although it has been around for quite some time.

The idea behind EFT is that our body is made up of energy ‘meridians’, and by focusing on an emotion or thought that is consuming us while ‘tapping’ on these areas, we are able to drastically reduce the energy tied to it.

This technique is similar to acupuncture and uses the same energy meridians, but is a non-invasive technique that you can literally do from anywhere.

I generally save this tool for the moments where I feel really overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, nervous or some other emotion and I am not able to bring it down by any other means. 

For a full explanation on what tapping is, and how to do it, feel free to check out this video here by Brad Yates.

He has a FABULOUS selection of different tapping videos on everything from anxiety to money to weight-loss, and you can use this technique for literally everything- not just releasing or protecting your energy.

There you have it babe- my top five suggestions for ways that you can better protect your own energy and release unwanted energy from your body.

I hope this helps you feel some release and feel lighter.


You can also checkout my video HERE that I made to explain this subject as well.

Best of luck babe!



Brianne xx

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