Life Update: What’s going on in my world?

Life Update: What’s going on in my world?

Well, hello gorgeous babes.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve dropped in here to share what’s been going on in my own life- and let me tell you, the past few months have been BUSY.

Truthfully, it’s been a hard summer/season with our food truck, and both Charles and I have been feeling the effects of not much time off. I’m pretty sure we were both nearing the stages of burnout as we rolled into September.

The changes in COVID restrictions here in Alberta changed quite a bit for us too, as a lot of our events for our food truck this month were either cancelled, postponed, or the details changed too much that we had to pull out.

So, really, our schedule has now opened wide up, and we don’t have any bookings remaining for the rest of the season.

Initially I thought that maybe this wasn’t a good thing, but now that I see the changes happening in every other area of our lifeI realize that us having this time off is actually a blessing in disguise.

For starters, we had to make a really hard decision this month to cancel our 7th and final Unmasking the Myths Gala. If you’ve browsed my ‘about me’ page, you’ll know that we put on a non-profit gala every year that raises money for Little Warriors- which is an organization for sexually abused children.

We were supposed to have our 7th annual gala last year in 2020, but of course, with the state of the world, we had to postpone the event to this year. We have spent yet another year planning the gala losing traction, losing our passion- and when the restrictions came in, we realized that as hard as it is- we have no choice but to pull the plug.

We just can’t keep hoping and continuing to plan the event, just to stall out a few months before each event. Therefore, the event has come to an indefinite end.

As such, we are now in the process of refunding all of our guests tickets, selling the raffle items we had in hand, selling off our décor, and all of those closure activities. In fact- today I am actually headed to our gala’s storage unit with one of our committee members, so that we can go through everything and clean it out.

And because our event is no longer happening, we no longer are required to stay here until mid-November, which means we can actually begin our journey of travelling out of the country much sooner.

Thus, our plan is to now be leaving Canada on October 18th, as long as everything goes according to plan- including selling our house.

We have made it to the stage where almost everything we own has been sold or has been packed into the few totes we are keeping. The last two things we need to do is find a temporary foster home for our hairless cats- and sell our house.

We are working diligently on both right now.

For our cats, we are hoping to find a friend or family member who can care for them until spring, when we plan to return and figure out a more permanent plan.

For our home, we had originally planned to sell it ourselves- but we’ve come to the realization we just don’t have the time to arrange all the showings ourselves. We have thus agreed to a temporary contract with a real estate agent who guarantees he can sell our home within three weeks, for our asking price. Fingers crossed it goes fast, and we can be out of our house sometime between October 1st to 15th.

Outside of all of this, I am here, working heavily behind the scenes to bring some amazing content to you moving forward- as well as opening up my schedule for a few new clients.

On the radar for The Holistic RN for the remainder of the year is an upcoming trauma retreat, a FREE wellness challenge, another round of our Balanced & Beautiful group coaching program, the launch of a podcast, and the release of an eBook/guide.

Super exciting right?!

All of the above will be announced in due time, so make sure you are a part of our social pages and our newsletter list so that you don’t miss out!

Finally, hubby and I have been working hard to take care of our bodies and keep them in tip top shape. Besides the colds and flus that are floating around, we also know that this past summer was super hard on our bodies.

Therefore we are eating clean, participating in a ‘sober September’, getting lots of movement in and taking ALLLL of the vitamins. I’m feeling great- better than I have in a while- and I know a large part of that is due to us prioritizing our health as of lately.

Anywho, I just wanted to jump in here today and share an update on what is currently going on in my world! I’ve also recorded a video for my ‘life update’ HERE, which you can feel free to check out as well.

Talk with you soon babes! <3


Brianne xx

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