We’re expanding!

You might have seen our announcement previously – but if not, we are so excited to let you know that our company is making a massive expansion this year! We are opening four new clinics across the province this year (in Spruce Grove, Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary), as well as introducing some rural nurses to our team!

We have grown from a team of three to soon, a team of 20+, and we are thrilled about the growth! Soon, we are going to have even more ‘hands on the ground’ to be able to help you. Our Spruce Grove and Edmonton Clinic’s are set to open the summer of 2023, and our Red Deer and Calgary Clinic’s in the fall of 2023.

Our new nurses will be diversifying and specializing in many areas- including everything from fertility to postpartum, hormone health to gut health, mental wellness to autoimmune conditions, palliative care and so much more.

Scroll on down to learn more about the coaches who will be joining us this year!


Here’s the coaches who are joining our team this year!’


LPN, Red Deer

Hi! My Name is Amy, I am a mom to two amazing boys, my partner and I have been together for 11 years and we have a dog named Bella. Red Deer will be my practicing clinic. I have been a Licensed Practical Nurse for 7 years with most of my experience being in acute care. I currently work casually in Endoscopy learning all things guts and butts! My focus will be on the connection between our gut health and how it affects all our systems. I am very passionate about helping others and can’t wait to share a holistic health and wellness lifestyle with you.


LPN, Red Deer

My name is Brianna, and I am a licensed practical nurse living in Red Deer, Alberta. I have been immersed in the healthcare industry for eight years and am passionate about improving lives holistically. I am eager to start my journey with the rest of the team at Holistic RN & Co. and am excited to use my experience and knowledge to help clients with their multi-dimensional health goals.


LPN, Red Deer

My Name is Brianne, I have been living in Central Alberta since 2011, and have lived in all 4 Western provinces. I am a proud wife and mom to my 2 amazing daughters and puppies. If I am not at work, you can probably find me exploring the outdoors with the ones I love. I hope to work with clients experiencing hormone dysregulation, specifically menopause and andropause. I am so excited to join the Red Deer coaching team!


RN, Calgary

Hello! I am Caira, a Registered Nurse and mom to two beautiful, wild boys. I have been an RN at the Alberta Children’s Hospital for 11 years but have always had a passion for holistic health. I will be working out of the Calgary office where I will help women find healthy ways to support themselves and their families. Health is so much more than nutrition and exercise and I look forward to empowering women and families to live their healthiest and most abundant life.


RN, Calgary

Hi All! My name is Jessie, I’m a RN and I am excited to join you on your commitment to changing the trajectory of your well-being! I am interested in all things hormones, and I have a special passion for fertility and women’s health. My goal is to help you step into the world of natural health to meet your goals of improving your self on every level. I would love to help you find the best foods, herbs, natural remedies, bio-hacks, and tactics for optimizing your health journey.


RN, Red Deer

Hello! My name is Lacey Malowski and I will be practicing out of the Red Deer office. I’ve been a Registered Nurse now for over 10 years and have practiced in the fields of Acute care, Emergency, Palliative Care, Hemodialysis for those with Kidney Failure and Outpatient clinics managing Autoimmune disease. My passion is helping those with Chronic Diseases improve their quality of life by addressing the Root Cause of their illness and alleviate symptoms through diet and lifestyle practices. I have additional certifications in Advanced Holistic Nutrition and Functional Hormone Balance, currently I am studying autoimmunity causes, boosting natural immunity and treating Long Covid symptoms. My hobbies include gardening, hiking, kayaking, and motorsports. I try to be outside as much as possible as I believe it is an important aspect in healing our mind and body.


RN, Red Deer

Hello, My name is Malorey, I’m a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, wife and mother of two little ones. I have worked inpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for 10 years and as a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Therapist for 6 years. I am so excited to be starting this new journey with Holistic RN & Co. I believe offering a holistic approach for youth struggling with a variety of mental health concerns can help truly build life-long skills and resiliency.


LPN, Red Deer

I am a LPN and have been practicing in maternity, geriatrics, and rural medicine since 2011. I am married and we have 4 young children and we love to spend lots of time outdoors exploring, playing, connecting and experiencing wonder. I have always been passionate about natural and alternative medicine and being a part of The Holistic RN & Co blends my passion with my profession perfectly. I am thrilled to begin working with clients in the fall.