Micro-Dosing with Plant-Medicine

Micro-Dosing with Plant-Medicine: My Journey so far

If you’ve been following along on social media or with my weekly Q+A videos, you’ll know that micro-dosing with psychedelic mushrooms has been a part of my journey while living abroad.

I previously shared a video on why I chose to use them, what my experience with a full ‘journey’ (aka dose) was, and why I was looking forward to micro-dosing for a few months. If you haven’t seen that video yet, you are welcome to check it out HERE.

For me, plant-medicine has always been incredibly intriguing, and it blows my mind just how powerful it can be. Being a primarily westernized nurse before I transitioned to the holistic side, it’s a little shocking how much I was previously invested in man-made substances over naturally occurring plant-medicine.

To me, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of mother nature, and I think that there is an entire world of spiritual and medicinal possibilities out there that we just aren’t aware of yet.

Some of the benefits of utilizing this medicine are a stronger spiritual connection, developing a stronger intuition and tapping into your higher self more easily, improving your immunity and the overall health of your body, helping to aid or heal any ailments that you might be experiencing, disconnect from negative self-talk patterns and create more positive thinking channels, and improve your gastrointestinal (aka gut) health.

Truthfully, psychedelic mushrooms have been used for many, many years– and evidence even suggests that they might have had something to do with our evolution as a human race. If this is an area of interest for you in learning just how powerful they are and what the use of them can provide, I highly recommend checking out the documentary Fantastic Fungi.

However, for the purpose of today’s post, I wanted to drop in here and share with you all what my experience has been over the past 10 days since I began my micro-dosing journey, and what I hope to see and expect moving forward.

Let’s dive in!


How micro dosing works…

Unlike a full dose, where I am personally taking 2 – 2.5 g and feel the full effect of the mushrooms themselves, micro-dosing involves taking a really small amount.

Luckily, I have a blend of mushrooms inside of some raw honey, and it makes for a really delicious and simple dosage. For a micro-dose, I generally take ¼ tsp of this mixture, which accounts to about 0.25 g.

At this dosage level, I am not feeling the full impact of the mushrooms, and they are not effecting me in the same way. Rather, I instead feel a little bit more expanded, open, creative, present, and inspired. They help me calm down, clear my head, connect to the present moment, and more clearly determine my priorities.

I take each dose on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning after waking. I always light my Palo Santo, cleanse my energy, and bring to mind an intention I am setting for the day with the use of this medicine.

Sometimes this intention is to be more focused, sometimes it is to be more present, and other times it is to call something inlike abundance, prosperity, success, aligned opportunities, fun or creation.

After I take my micro-dose, it generally takes 20-40 minutes for it to kick in (similar to a full dose), and therefore I spend this time stretching or doing yoga, meditating, and then moving into some freehand journaling, otherwise known as morning pages.

This generally allows me to remain calm, collected and in harmony, and the medicine generally kicks in during my meditation, allowing me to bring more awareness to my thoughts and emotions. Then, as I proceed forward with the journaling, it allows me to get everything out of my mind and down onto paper- sometimes just clearing the ‘junk’ and making space for new thoughts, but sometimes allowing space for powerful downloads and messages to come in.

After my morning practice, I move into the rest of the day, and try to pay attention to how the mushrooms guide me, as I am able to tap into my intuition and inner-self. I generally do not eat a lot in the morning, but rather stay hydrated with lots of water and herbal tea, and keep my meals light with things like fresh fruit or smoothies, so that the medicine is able to have a stronger impact for longer.


My first ten days…

Before I began my micro-dosing journey, I had the intention (and quite honestly, the expectation), that I would be able to easily dive deeper into my work. I planned to be more focused, more creative, more productive and in simple terms “get more shit done”.

However, as the Universe would have it, this was not at all how my journey began, and it became quite clear that I had some lessons I needed to learn first.

Honestly? The first 3-5 days of my micro-dosing journey were awful. They were hard, emotional, frustrating, overwhelming, and filled with so many challenges. I had a few breakdowns, I cried and I got angry. And eventually… I realized that it was by design all along and that there was a lesson there for me to learn.

During these first initial days, some wild things were happening. First of all, we got a mouse in our house (again). This little rascal was getting into everything, pooping everywhere and chewing holes in SO many of our things (grocery and otherwise). However, despite our best efforts, we could not catch him.

During this time, we were also having some major power outage issues, which lead to major wifi issues. The power would go out multiple times a day, for long periods of time every single day. This made it incredibly hard to work, as my calls with clients would drop off half-way through, or I would be unable to sign on as I was sitting in darkness.

Finally, I also had some incredible insomnia that kept me up all night long, preventing me from getting sleep and causing me to feel very fatigued and tired. I kept sleeping in later than I normally would, and as ‘luck’ would have it, for 5 days in a row, kept waking up at exactly 632 am each morning.

As I approached the fifth day, I was feeling incredibly defeated and disheartened. I said to my husband “this is not at all how my micro-dosing journey was supposed to start or go, and I’ve completely wasted the last few days!” and then proceeded to have a mental and emotional breakdown.

At this time I didn’t see the signs, or the fact that all of these things were happening by design. I didn’t see or understand the messages. I was blind to what was occurring and why.

My husband suggested we go for a walk to clear my mind, and as we stepped onto the street to do just that I looked down and I seen a small, stuffed toy mouse. And like a ton of bricks or the wave of the ocean, it hit me. I was being sent SIGNS. These things were messages from the Universe and I had been ignoring them all.

Immediately after our walk I rushed home and began looking up the meaning of each scenario.


This is what I found:

This is a sign that you are overloading your plate, and that you are spreading your attention too thin. The Universe is trying to tell you that you need to focus, stop multi-tasking, and get your priorities in order. You are overwhelmed and it is hurting your levels of success.

It is important to pay attention to what you are doing at the time of the outages. This is always a sign that you need to slow down, rest and take a break.

This is a sign that the Universe is trying to bring a certain kind of balance and harmony into your life that has been missing for a while.


Needless to say, it all became very clear, very fast. For a few weeks/months prior to beginning my micro-dosing journey, I had been admittedly bragging to myself that I had a lot on my to-do list. Over a 100 items each week in fact. #facepalm

I was getting overwhelmed, burnt out, and sliding right back into my ‘old’ triggers of being too busy to think. Too busy to enjoy. Too busy to have fun. And certainly, too busy to be present.

I realized immediately that I have been way too hyper-focused on all the wrong things. I wasn’t happy with the way I was operating and I was putting an insane amount of pressure on myself for no reason at all.

And so, I took my to-do list, and I ripped it up. I threw it away. And I haven’t looked back.

Does this mean I am not following a list or a structure at all now? No, most certainly not. But it did provide me the space to recreate a daily routine that I am happy with and excited about. And it did provide me the opportunity to make a new to-do list that is much, MUCH shorter, where only the things that are a ‘HELL YES’ get to be, and nothing else.

I decided to prioritize certain things for myself moving forward, like fun, laughter and taking care of my body. I decided that I wanted to be more present, do more things and enjoy my time here in a new way. And I realized that there are certain areas of my business(es) that I want to focus on moving forward.

The awakening was huge, powerful and oh so needed. And it opened an incredible amount of room for me with the remainder of my micro-dosing journey to tap into this wisdom and do things differently that I had ever expected.


The plan moving forward…

It’s clear to me that despite my best efforts, I cannot predict or expect how the remainder of my journey with micro-dosing will go. So, I’m choosing not to limit myself with either.

Instead, I’m choosing to focus on the things I determined to be a priority, and really have fun tapping into the creative side that they further bring out in me.

Since utilizing them, I’ve realized just how much fun I have recording videos, making fun reels, and writing content just like this. The words and my thoughts seem to flow so much easier, and the end result is often way better than I ever could have imagined.

My goal and plan is to continue micro-dosing for the next two months until I near my departure to go home. I am excited about this, and open to wherever this journey may take me. And I know, that whatever ends up happening and wherever I end up going with it will be incredible.

I am excited to keep you updated on how things shift, and I would love to answer any questions you may have about my journey or the use of them in a future post or video.

Should you have any, please feel free to email me directly and I will add them to the list!


There you have it babe! I hope this post helps give you an opportunity to step into my shoes and learn a little more about my micro-dosing journey.

Should you prefer a video version of this post, you can check it out HERE.



Brianne xx

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