Gut Microbiome Testing Kit + Results Analysis with Coach

Optimize your gut health with this advanced gut microbiome test, plus review the comprehensive results over zoom with one of our coaches.


Is your gut as healthy as you may think? Suffering with gastrointestinal issues and wondering what might be the cause?

This at-home microbiome test can help you improve your gut health by providing you with detailed information about the abundance of your gut bacteria and instructions on how to achieve or maintain a balanced microbial community. Results for this test are generally ready within 15 to 20 working days from receipt of the stool sample at the laboratory.

Once you place the order, a sample collection kit will be sent by post to your address. The gut microbiome testing kit will contain all you require to perform the test. This test specifically requires a stool sample, which is simple and easy to collect in the comfort of your own home.

Purchase of this bundle includes a results analysis review over zoom with one of our coaches, to be arranged as soon as the results come in. This review ensures that you understand exactly what is going on with your body, and that you know the steps you need to take to bring everything back into balance. It also includes a full recap email summary of what you and your coach discuss during the call.


A diverse and balanced microbiome composition in the human gut is essential for maintaining a healthy body. An imbalanced gut community can lead to a variety of health issues and diseases such as obesity, type II diabetes, intestinal diseases, heart diseases and many more. Through gut microbiome testing, you can learn valuable information about the trillions of organisms in your digestive tract and take action to prevent any health issues or diseases. The benefits of knowing what is currently going inside your gut, paired with personalized dietary recommendations, empowers you to optimize your health in the most natural and effective way possible.

What exactly does this Gut Health test kit tell you?
The at-home gut microbiome test uses the latest in laboratory technology and scientific knowledge to analyze and study the bacteria living in your gut. This extensive analysis allows us to gather valuable information about your microbiome and answer important questions for you such as the following.

• Which bacteria are currently living in your gut?
• How are your gut bacteria influencing your body?
• Do you have sufficient beneficial bacteria in your gut?
• Are there any harmful bacteria living in your gut?
• Does your gut bacteria favour health issues such as obesity or inflammation?
• Does your gut contain enough genera of vitamin-producing bacteria?
• Do you get enough fibre, fat and protein from your diet?
• Which changes do you need to make to your dietary habits?
• How can you achieve a balanced microbiome community?

Important note: Your gut microbiome composition is influenced by different factors and conditions such as consumption of antibiotics in the past 3 months, recent changes in your eating habits, pregnancy or breastfeeding. While testing your microbiome, keep in mind that these conditions may alter your gut testing results.

Fecal Sample Collection
The sample required for this DNA test is a stool sample. Upon ordering your DNA test, we will provide you with a Gut Microbiome test kit including everything you need to collect the fecal sample, such as rubber gloves and a test tube. The sample collection process is relatively simple and can be carried out conveniently at your own home. However, make sure to follow the detailed instructions included in your kit for a successful sample collection.

Results and Turnaround Time
Results for this health package are as simple enough that anyone can understand them while detailed enough for you to share them with your healthcare professional. You should expect to receive your results within 15 to 20 working days from receipt of your samples at the laboratory.

Follow-Up Testing
After taking the test and following the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes, it is recommended that you re-take the test. A second laboratory analysis of your gut’s bacteria can actually be very useful to tell what direction you are going in. It is recommended to take your follow up test 1-2 months after the implementation of changes, and it’s important to note that the time between each test should not exceed 6 months. You can purchase your follow up test HERE.


PLEASE NOTE: Once your results have come back and your analysis has been scheduled with one of our nurses, should you cancel the appointment less than 24 hours before it’s scheduled time or arrive more than 10 minutes late, the appointment will be forfeited without an opportunity to reschedule, or a $45 rebooking fee will apply.


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