Taylor’s Tips- March Download

Taylor’s Tips- March Download

Hello beautiful babes, and welcome to my first ever entry for, Taylor’s Tips!

So happy you’re taking the time to read our newsletter and hope you’re enjoying all the content we’ve put together for you to pick from and keep in your back pocket as you move through your health and wellness journey.

This month I have chosen to focus on bettering your mental and emotional health. I have chosen this topic because I truly believe you cannot maintain improving your overall wellbeing if you are not truly happy.

Happiness and progress go hand in hand. When we are happy we tend to have more motivation to want to better ourselves. Whether that be with the foods we choose to eat, how much physical activity we are getting, or how we think and talk about ourselves. On the other hand, when we continue to progress in these same areas we see an increase in our positive energy and overall happiness.

I’m going to talk about a few things, that have had huge impacts in the growth I have made personally in my wellness journey.


Stop comparing your journey to others.

In this world filled with outside influence from social media and TV, we are flooded with visions of how things “should be”.

In reality there is no one way that works for everyone, no two people will ever have the same journey or have identical results. We need to learn that this is OK!

It is ok because we are all unique, we all have our own hurdles to overcome, we have all been dealt a very different hand and the only way to progress is to embrace this, and learn to be ok with it.

We have one life, and it is SO important to make it authentically you. If everyone’s story was the same, the world would be such a dull place.

Accept that no matter how crazy, messy or stressful life gets it is all a part of your own unique story and that is BEAUTIFUL. Tell your story and be proud, babe.


Stop trying to hit the hypothetical checkboxes.

This goes along with not comparing your journey to others, we are all at different stages in our lives and need to stop comparing where one person is vs the other.

This was something that came to me after backpacking Europe, while I left behind my boyfriend at the time and all my friends who were getting engaged, married, buying houses and having children.

When I left even my father was upset that I was spending my time and money on travelling instead of following suit to what everyone else was up to.

Don’t get me wrong, I was beyond happy and supportive of all my friends who were progressing though their lives in ways that made sense to them, but it wasn’t what made sense to me.

Growing up I always thought I would be the first one to settle down, turns out I have become one of the last. I had created these imaginary check boxes that continued to prove more and more unrealistic as time went on.

Get Engaged at 22 [ ]
Get married at 23 [ ]
Have babies by 25 [ ]
Be finished having kids by 30 at the latest [ ]

Not to mention all the other things you’re “supposed” to do as an adult. Go to university for something you’re decided you wanted to do for the rest of your life when you were a 17 year old kid.

Buy a car to drive you to job you took right out of university. Buy a house so you can start a family. As I said before, as the years went by I began to notice that this list I had created was not only impractical, but strayed so far from my true wants and values as I went through the years.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong if this is a true timeline of events that took place in your life, because it is what made sense to you and aligned with your wants and values.

Every year that passed by until I finally accepted that my journey was my own, was filled with a sense of hopelessness as I watched everyone around me check these boxes that I had waited my whole life to do.

Once I was able to recognize and accept that these were not realistic expectations of myself, and embraced that it was ok to have different goals and be at different stages of life than the ones around me, I was able to move forward and had the biggest amount of self growth.

Accepting that my journey would never be identical to someone else led me to having the most success and happiness I have ever had.


Have self respect.

Finally, you need to have enough respect for yourself to set boundaries and possibly walk away from people and anything in your life that isn’t aligning with or contributing to you being the happiest you can be.

This can be extremely difficult, as sometimes we are negatively impacted by things we value most, such as a family member or good friend, or a job that you worked so hard to get.

Learn to accept that time changes us, our experiences and challenges shape us daily and we are supposed to grow as individuals.

It is ok that you decide your job is no longer serving you in a way that is creating happiness in your life, and well this may be something harder to leave behind due to financial circumstances- don’t be afraid to seek new opportunities that better suit the person you’ve evolved to.

When you’re ready, you may need to set boundaries or even leave behind someone who is not supporting your growth. It may be a family member, spouse, good friend or acquaintance, but nonetheless it is so important that you do this to allow yourself peace.

Remember when I said happiness and progression go hand in hand in your wellness journey? This is an example of how an outside source can negatively impact our happiness and drag down our motivation to progress as individual.

People who truly love you and want what’s best for you will respect the choices you make to better yourself. Don’t forget, you have one life and you get to decide how you want to live it.

Choose happiness.



Taylor Goebel

LPN & your soon-to-be student coach.

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