I just wanted to share how so very grateful I am to be able to attend the retreat! I’ve been talking about it all day everyday to my patients, I have forwarded the retreat to a lot of my patients I think a LOT of them would benefit from this. I really believe fate brought me here and I have gained so much from this past weekend It was truly a pivoting point in my life! I am so grateful! I can’t thank you enough.

Jessica Ollie

I recently attended the Trauma Release Retreat, and let me tell you, soul altering and emotional doesn’t begin to describe this experience. Because I DID IT FOR ME, I was open and welcoming and more raw than I’ve been with strangers ever before in my life, because, NO JUDGMENT….truly fulfilling to be in that place and the tools I learned SO WORTH IT. Brianne is true beauty inside and out and wanting to deeply help you get to your true healed path, 100% authentic.

Evangeline Klimke

I recently attended the trauma retreat and it was one of the most emotionally shifting experiences I have had in my life. The tools that were brought in to help us learn how to release our trauma & toxins are phenomenal. The education I gained after this weekend was incredibly valuable. I would recommend this to anyone & everyone who is ready to work on themselves! Brianne is an incredible coach and person.

Colby Foisy

I attended the trauma retreat, because I needed someone or something to heal me… or so I thought. Once I started into the course I thought hmm not gonna happen here. But then I listened and gave myself permission to go in full force. That’s what I was there for and that’s when I started to see the results open right before my eyes. I got the answers I have been searching for, for so long, through the tools Brianne used and letting myself just do it. I am so grateful that I found this retreat and chose to do it. Seeing things with new light, and going forward with eyes open. Thank you universe for sending Brianne my way. The healing has begun!

Rosalie Fern Breadon

I would highly recommend working with Brianne who is the owner of The Holistic RN. She has compassionately guided me and was always so keen, resourceful, kind and professional. As well, Brianne has helped me to be the best version of myself. She is a true gem and I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. Brianne will go far in this life. She is a true inspiration and I could never thank her enough.

Angel Haugen Tuttle

Hello! I had the fortunate privilege to participate in The Holistic RN’s debut Balanced and Beautiful program that began Jan 4. The program is all I had hoped for and so much more. The 6 week program covers so many areas of wellness, but is structured so you can incorporate positive changes over time. So it is not overwhelming, and because of Brianne’s approach, you can make sustainable changes little by little. The format and the tools in the program are such that you can refocus on any area after the program to go deeper.  Or just go through it all again! I know that I will be able to continue to benefit from this program over and over. The weekly accountability sessions with all those participating were one of the things I enjoyed most.  And Brianne does such a great job of making this a safe place for all. She answers all your questions and is such a fantastic provider of support and information. All in all, a wonderful experience. Thank you SO much, Brianne!! Much love.

Michelle Krueger

Brianne is amazing. When we started working together I was in a pretty rough place. And I didn’t think anything would help. Now only a few months into her program I’m starting to see some changes and things are starting to be more positive. I’m learning so many new things and I am so much healthier (she helped me diagnose a food intolerance) I look forward to our chats, and the release it allows me. And she actively listens to me. And provides solutions and ideas on how to get better. She is patient and kind and so smart. If you need a helping hand on whatever journey you’re on… physical health/mental health or really anything…. Brianne is the woman to help!!!!

Michelle Grimmard

Brianne is encouraging, supportive and empathetic… She is great in a group, 1×1 and in her classes. Her balanced approach is refreshing and not pushy or overly restrictive. I will continue to follow and watch for more enlightening sessions with her soon!!

Kelly Ann Cordner

My 6 months working with Brianne were eye opening and transformative! She saw the inner strength that I had and helped me dig it out! I am so grateful I happened upon her booth at a trade show that fateful day! She is a perfect combo of empathetic coaching and kick in the butt to get you moving on your wellness path! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Brianne for giving me the tools to be my best self!

Charla Rothlisberger

I recently attended the Trauma Release Weekend Retreat and I have to say it was life changing.  Brianne opened my eyes to a new way of looking at our body and trauma. I found it so powerful knowing that if I can do the work to heal my past traumas, I can potentially help my children heal any trauma that affects them as well.  There is so much power in turning inwards and acknowledging and releasing pain that is holding us back from truly living.  I’m excited for not only my future but for my kids too. Brianne is a wonderful teacher, coach, guide and cook!  She made the experience feel safe and non judgmental.  I look forward to attending any future retreats or courses that Brianne puts on. Thanks so much, Brianne.

Carla Lancaster

Huge love to you- both for your honesty about what you’ve been through and for this course (I was at the Trauma Release Retreat in July). If anyone’s sitting on the fence on whether to sign up or not, DO IT FOR YOURSELF, you will be SO HAPPY you did. The retreat itself was life changing and the new skills learned are helping me every day to get through my own traumas, feel and process my feelings, deal with stress and anxiety. The price vs the value = priceless!

Joleen Groome

This weekend I attended a Trauma Release Retreat. It’s left me feeling the heaviest I’ve ever felt, yet also the lightest. I started the retreat affirming that I am worthy of greatness no matter what I have experienced or what I’ve done. My timeline of traumas was much longer than I originally anticipated but I’m ready to do the work required for growth. Throughout the weekend one word kept popping into my head. That word was SURRENDER. I chose to surrender to the discomfort, the unknown, the patterns that are no longer serving me. I opened my mind to the idea that I am capable of living as a healed person. This was just the beginning. I’ll admit I feel overwhelmed knowing the efforts ahead of me but I’m so damn proud of all I accomplished thus far. This weekend I prioritized myself in a way I never have before and that’s a big damn deal. Thank you Brianne!

Taryn Rarog

I attended Brianne’s Trauma Release Weekend and it was nothing short of phenomenal. I asked the universe for help and this retreat came up on my FB, and I’m so thankful it did! Brianne is a truly wonderful human and she did the most amazing job at teaching us 12 techniques to help release our trauma, as well as explain what trauma is, have each of us delve into our own lifetime of traumatic experiences, and somehow successfully make all of that flow into 2 days. I feel like I learnt more information in 2 days than was possible, while also acknowledging and processing trauma. It was honestly a magical, personal journey in a beautiful safe space. I feel extremely fortunate that the stars aligned and led me to sign up for this opportunity, years of skills taught in 2 days, to perfection. If you come across any course offered by Brianne, take my advice and jump at the opportunity!

Joleen Antoniuk

Very happy with my experience with Brianne! Her service is like no other. Her food is hands down THE best and healthiest food I have ever had. I’ve had stomach/digestive issues for over 10 years. I have tried everything but to NO avail. Brianne has been a life saver for me. Not only has she given me the guidance, tools, and information I needed to succeed in my journey to better health and better eating habits, but she also made it easy by making herself available anytime I had a question or needed help with anything. Brianne goes above and beyond to help you succeed. She gives you the support you need. There is NO one formula-that-fits-ALL with Brianne. She caters to YOUR specific needs. She takes genuine interest in you and what’s best for you because she cares. Every meeting with her is informative and enlightening. Her knowledge and understanding of the human body and your gut is truly unique. She listens very carefully and pays attention to the smallest details of what you discuss with her. Her Goal is to genuinely make sure you get better. She is the absolute best! And I am so grateful to all the work she did to make me better.

Suzette Pahl


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