The blunt, but honest truth you need to hear… Your vagina will thank you later.

The blunt, but honest truth you need to hear… Your vagina will thank you later.

I wanted to start this post off with a metaphor, but I was way off on the quote… so I’ll just come out and say it,  


Stop cramming your vagina full of toxic products!

Whew, that felt good.


Now, this kind of goes along with my recent blog post about my IUD removal, as I obviously had to prepare to get my period back. It had been over 3 years since I had a menstrual cycle previous to getting my IUD out, and I had been diving deeper into healing my body by reducing my exposure to toxins through products I use on and in my body.

I had switched to natural shampoos, body washes, vaginal wash, toothpaste, and deodorant, and even started swapping to organic food when I could based on my finances and availability… so it was just a matter of time before I found myself questioning what I would be using for menstrual products upon the return of my dreaded, but oh so natural, monthly visitor.

After some short and very frightening research, I had come to understand that cotton, the main material in tampons and pads, was of the top 3 highest sprayed plants with pesticides… ya, I know. Like what in the actual….. you know where I’m going with that.

I had always heard of Toxic shock syndrome or TSS growing up, but never questioned it- I just thought it was part of using tampons. I am here to shed some light on this and inform you that in fact you DO NOT have to use products filled with chemicals that leach into the very highly specialized tissue of our vaginal wall and into our bodies.

If this information alone isn’t enough to get you to switch, what if I told you these products could also be the culprit of those dreaded cramps and other “symptoms”?


So, what did I do?

I decided to explore options that would be safer choices for my body.

First I learnt of the option to make a simple swap to ORGANIC COTTON tampons and pads. My first thought however was, ‘okay well I bet those are like a thousand dollars’, and once again I was blown away!

To purchase organic cotton products was actually no more expensive. Beyond traditional pads and tampons I began looking into the idea of trying a menstrual cup. There are SO many options available to try and find what works best for your body, just be sure to research the ingredients they are made from.

I personally went for the NIXIT menstrual cup as it was one of the only ones that is suction-free and is also made in Canada. Investing in a menstrual cup is a bit more pricey, but overall you are saving money and reducing your impact on the environment.

Lastly, and probably one of my favourite products I invested in was KNIX absorbent underwear. These underwear are seriously a game changer, and not only when you’re menstruating. I purchased 3 thongs and 3 boxer styles of these underwear. My initial reason for purchasing these was as a backup being new to using the NIXIT cup. But these underwear are SO comfortable!

I wear the boxer style to bed and have had zero leak issues so far. They are also great if you’re expecting your period to show up, just throw a pair on and be confident going about your day.


Time to make the switch…

I was so impressed to learn of all the amazing products out there to help decrease the toxic products we use for our menstrual cycle, and I’m likely just scraping the surface.

There are many amazing brands with their own take on safe products and it is truly something bio-individual.

I encourage you to do your own research, experiment with new products and find what works best for you. You deserve to be happy, and so does your Vagina!



Taylor Goebel

LPN & your soon-to-be student coach.

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