What ‘organized chaos’ looks like in action

It’s the middle of May, and we are well into the start of our second food truck season.

Which if you didn’t know, surprise! That’s right- when I am not busy working with clients or developing content for this business, my husband and I are busy running our other business which is a food truck called Guilt Free Eats.

To be honest, our season started out a little earlier than we had planned for this year- with our first booking on April 10th. Of course, we were incredibly grateful and excited for this- but it also meant that we were left scrambling to get everything done in time to operate and met a few challenges along the way.

Generally, our plan is to run the truck from about April until the first week in October- and for a large portion of those months, we are looking at six to seven days a week of bookings. Which means, little time off.

Hard work, sure. But we know this and we plan for it. We recognize that it is only five or six months a year that we will be operating full time- and then we will have the rest of the year to focus on other things.

So, naturally, I had began to plan for this season and how I was going to ‘get ahead’ in all of things for my business (aka THIS business) so that things with our food truck could go seamlessly. I wanted to do this so that I would be less stressed, less overwhelmed and able to focus on other things with no issue.


I had planned to get ahead in my content creation- writing blog posts, recipes and social posts ahead of time and scheduling them in.

I had planned to catch up on all my ‘office tasks’ like updating client files, organizing my file cabinet, tidying my desk and streamlining processes.

And I had planned to get organized with my computer documents, online content folders, phone pictures and more.


I had PLANNED to get all of this done and more.

But, in reality, not all of it got done.

In fact, a lot of it didn’t get done!

And while part of me wanted to cry, curl up in a ball and succumb to the tasks I didn’t do- I instead, I chose to accept the fact that I am human and that things happen.

Things come up, plans change, and not everything can be avoided or predicted. And most importantly, that it is NEVER too late for me to jump back in and ‘get ahead’even if I feel like it is.

Therefore, today I wanted to talk about what exactly organized chaos is, how to spot it, what it feels like, and how to know if it’s serving you in a positive way or not.

Let’s dive in!

What is organized chaos?

By definition, organized chaos is a complex situation or process that appears chaotic while having enough order to achieve progress or goals.

Which basically means it is the days where things seem like they are out of control and busy- and yet, somehow, you manage to get things done.

In short, my life is organized chaos. And I’m guessing yours might be too.

What does it LOOK like?

Well, it is chaotic. It is busy. It involves a million moving parts.

And yet, somehow it is organized.

It is streamlined. It is planned. It is orderly.

And despite it feeling like you are all over the place and things are falling apartto the outside eye, it doesn’t appear to be so. To the outside eye and everyone around youit looks as if you have a brilliant handle on things and are managing well.

What does it FEEL like?

Well, I like to sometimes call this the ‘highlight reel’ effect. Where, just like social media, those outside of your life/home, only get a glimpse of what is actually going on for you. To them, it looks as if you are balancing it all with no issues- they don’t see the struggle.

Often times I’ll notice this when we are working in our food truck. Some days there are major roadblocks- where prep takes way longer in the morning than we plan for, where things go wrong, we are scrambling to get somewhere on time, or where we are in the middle of a big rush of customers and we drop our supplies or a meal we are putting together on the floor.

WE see these things. WE feel the pressure. WE notice the tension and the stress.

But everyone else who comes to order from our truck? They don’t see that. They don’t see the sweat and the tears, the anger or the overwhelm. No- they see only success and smiles. They see warm, delicious, healthy and fast meals being passed their way. They see all the good things- the highlights.

And I think that is an amazing reminder.

Specifically, a reminder that the pressure and stress we feel, often times is self-imposed.

But, that is another topic for another day.

So, is organized chaos a good thing?

Great question, but complicated answer.

Why? Because the answer is yes and no. Truthfully, organized chaos isn’t good or bad in itself. But, how we view the chaos and/or our lives is what determines if this is serving us in a positive manner.

Allow me to explain.

As I described above, organized chaos is typically what my life looks like; especially in the food truck. And not only am I aware of this- but I plan for it also.

I recognize that it is impossible to not be busy or have our days be hectic. We can only plan for so much and we can only anticipate so much. In full honesty, every day is different and each time we think we ‘have it figured out’, we quickly realize that we don’t.

Even with the ‘plan’ I had to get ahead in my content creation and other tasks before our season started- that too, did not go as I had envisioned. I did not get ahead. I did not have the time I anticipated to complete these things. It just didn’t happen.

In either of these situations or moments, I could choose to make myself the ‘bad guy’.
I could choose to beat myself up and play the blame game on all the reasons why I am not good enough. Why I am not worthy enough. Why I am a failure.

And the list goes on.


I could curl up in a ball, hide away from the world and cry my eyes out.

I could ‘make up’ for my ‘lack’ of action and work myself to the bone, avoiding breaks or rest time, and ‘hustling’ until I drop.

I could do all of this and more.


But I haven’t, and I actively don’t. Because I know that none of this matters.

As I said above- the only person who notices the chaos is myself. And here’s the thing… I am human. I accept that things are not perfect and will not be perfect.

I accept change.
I accept uncertainty.
I accept that I don’t have it all figured out.
I accept that I can’t predict every problem.
I accept that I have feelings. That I have emotions.
I accept that sometimes things will happen that are out of my control.
And I accept that sometimes things will happen that were in my control.

Here’s the thing. WE are HUMAN. And LIFE is UNCERTAIN.

Scary, sure. But also part of the magic.

Living in organized chaos can be a beautiful thing because it keeps you on your toes and keeps you moving, changing and growing. And part of me believes that we are all living in a state of organized chaos always… just sometimes it is more ‘organized’ or more ‘chaotic.

So, personally, I’ve learned to embrace it. To go with the flow. To say HELL YES to the process.

And because of doing so, I’ve been healthier and happier than ever before.


Therefore, I’ll leave you with this:

Life is unpredictable, messy and out of our control (for the most part). But what is ALWAYS within our control is our response, our mindset, and how we treat ourselves.

Choose to embrace the organized chaos if it serves you to do so- and do this by giving yourself grace and accepting that you are human. You don’t need to make life harder for yourself by deciding you’re not doing a good enough job.

Allow organized chaos to serve you and push you forward.
Allow it to drive you.
Allow it to encourage you.

But never let it disempower you.

There you have it babe- a simple explanation of organized chaos and how to use it to your advantage. I hope this helps provide some clarity for you and give you some guidance along with what you can do to improve your health and happiness.

Best of luck babe!



Brianne xx

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